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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

Joe: We got accused that we had no right to be at an Air France gate, since we weren't flying on an Air France plane. [But] everybody who's getting on an airplane has to go through that doorway.

Miss Alli: Okay. The other thing that you had brought up -- they had talked a little bit about guards and guns and things, and you seemed to be saying no.

Bill: You know, there was a gun over his shoulder, but no one ever pulled a gun on us. Before -- let me tell you, I was right there, the guard was standing right in front of me, Nancy and Emily -- Emily passed me, she was shoved past my arm, so yes, she bumped into me also, because she was actually pushed, or...

Joe: She was shoved by Drew.

Bill: Shoved by Drew, or she pushed past my arm. She never showed her passport through that passport control area, so actually, she broke the law also, at that point.

Joe: Yeah. And all these security people, I mean, they're Army people, everybody in foreign airports is walking around with Uzis. This thing seems to be taking on a life of its own in the telling or whatever, so that now suddenly, we were -- Uzis were pulled on us, and all this other bull...[or that] we could have been eliminated from the race for causing this...

Bill: And now let me -- okay, yeah, wait. Now let me address to you what production felt about this incident. It was a race with very many rules, and many times, contestants were given penalties, as were we in Ferrara, Italy, along with Margarita and Frank, when they felt we had broken a rule, and in actuality, it was an interpretation of a clue, but about this particular incident, we were never talked to, reprimanded, or in any way given a penalty for what we did. The producers were instructed from the cameramen and sound men who were their eyes and ears in every situation, they were all interviewed, and none of them said that we did anything wrong.

Miss Alli: Okay. Now you brought up, when you commented on this a few days ago, you brought up the fact on the forums that, you said, "Drew apologized to me for the 'break your legs' comment." And I wasn't sure what kind of connection you're trying to draw.

Bill: Okay, that was in the same -- that was about 45 minutes to an hour later was when all of this happened. And the point was that everyone keeps bringing up about this Tunis airport incident, like, how come the Guidos weren't penalized? It's because we didn't break a rule. In actuality, the only person that broke a rule that day was Drew, when he verbally assaulted me. Those were the first words in the whole race that Drew ever said to me.

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