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The Guido Interview, Part I

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That was no flying wedge! That was just a very special hug!

TWoP caught up with Team Guido by phone while they were in Aspen, covering Gay Ski Week for Rosie O'Donnell. They were kind enough to give us quite a chunk of time, as you will see.

(But I didn't start off by asking for a thousand dollars, because I thought they might not think it was funny.)

Guido phone: [Ring, ring.]

Bill: Good morning.

Miss Alli: Ciao, Team Guido!

Bill: How're you doing?

Miss Alli: I'm doin' fine, how are you?

Bill: Oh, we're just, you know, like, recuperating.

Miss Alli: Yeah?

Bill: We always have late nights here.

Miss Alli: Oh, really?

Bill: Oh, yeah, but it's fun.

Miss Alli: What have you been up to?

Bill: Oh, there's lots of events...I've got a three-page event calendar. This thing is...schedules, and…not that we're doing for Rosie, but the ski week itself. It's just, like, eight o'clock this, nine o'clock that, all the boutiques in town -- Kenneth Cole, Prada, Gucci, have all been having parties every night.

Miss Alli: Woooow.

Bill: We've been doing all those, and it's's been fun, but it's just, at some point we've got to get some sleep.

Miss Alli: [laughs]

Joe: Yeah, really, then we get up early to go skiing.

Bill: Yeah, we love to go skiing,'s hard not to do both.

Miss Alli: Absolutely. Well, I appreciate you making some time to do this.

Bill: No, thank you.

Joe: Yeah.

Miss Alli: Everybody will be very excited to hear from you.

Bill: Well, we've enjoyed it, and thanks again for letting us do it.

Miss Alli: Absolutely. So, okay. Now I have read that you, Bill in particular, had watched a fair amount of reality TV and had been interested in a variety of different shows before you got involved in this one. What was it about reality TV in general that attracted you?

Bill: That's a very interesting question. I have no idea. [laughs] It's one of those things where you just get sucked in, like a soap opera, really. You know, Real World was the show that really got me hooked on reality TV.

Miss Alli: How interesting! Me, too.

Bill: And I just, I just thought it was fascinating. And I mean at some point, it gets old, and Real World I think is getting a little bit there, you know? They've done it for ten years. But that was the show that in the beginning, it seemed like each time, it was amazing how they could get all these different personalities, throw them together, they would come out with a completely different set of circumstances every time, and I guess maybe relocating to a new city each time helped. That kind of thing. 'Cause that was fascinating too, just to see the house each time, the dynamics that was just like watching a soap opera, I guess, it's the same kind of attraction.

Miss Alli: And you just thought it would be interesting to be part of that.

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