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Don goes first up the ice wall for his team. As he climbs, Nick notes that it puts a little pressure on him to see his 69-year-old grandpa get right through it. Yeah, that wouldn't be a great story to take back to your buddies: "Grandpa got up the wall, but hearing his bones creaking wasn't enough to motivate me up there."

TK and Rachel smooch in the helicopter.

Ron and Chris have already landed, and as TK and Rachel salivate about passing them, father and daughter hop into a taxi to Goose Lake Park.

Nick is at the top of the ice wall, so they get the helicopter clue and go. "The Roadblock's the only hope," Don observes, quite correctly. Elsewhere, TK and Rachel get a cab. Inside, as he talks about how much he loved the helicopter ride, she reaches over and grabs around his arm and just squeezes it and smiles and pushes into his shoulder with her's one of my favorite moments of theirs, because it's just so impossible to fake something like that. That's exactly how it feels, that little overflowing happy thing, where you just grab whatever's nearest and flatten yourself against it...she's excited, and she's exhilarated, and she's stressed out, and she really, really, really likes him right now, and it's all in that little squeeze.

Ron and Chris haul ass to the clue box at Goose Lake Park, and when they open it, it's a Roadblock. "Who wants to relive your experience on the race?" the clue asks. As has been the trend in recent seasons, this does come down to remembering and cataloguing the race up to this point. Basically, in this task, you are given fifteen "recognizable items" from various tasks and points on the race. You're looking to take ten of them and place them on your little stage. The items have to meet a very imposing set of exacting requirements, including: one from each leg, three animals or animal byproducts, one U-Turn, two items at or brought to pit stops, two wheeled forms of transportation (one from a Detour), and one form of transportation generally looking like a stick. As one of the EEFP's carefully and impressively calculated, it was possible to solve this as a straight-up puzzle, without guessing. But whether you could come up with that strategy on the fly probably depends on how often you sit around playing with logic puzzles and Sudoku and whatnot. At any rate, when you have the right answer and say "Done," your clue box will open.

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