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And at the boat launch, it's TK and Rachel, with Nick and Don very close on their tails, having made up basically the whole gap created by the forgotten bag by having perhaps a better taxi driver and definitely a faster Detour option (at least for them). As TK and Rachel travel in their boat, Rachel interviews that her favorite thing about being on the race with TK is that they have so much fun, and...I think I believe that. I think they work really hard to do well, but they also really have managed to keep enough perspective to find things a hoot, and a lot of teams are basically hoot-proof by this point in the race. "YEAH, BABY!" TK yells, but not in the gross, fratty way. As Nick and Don ride, Nick tells us that the race has been all he hoped it would be and then some, with everything they've gotten to see and do. "We'll have many stories to tell," he says.

In first place, Ron and Chris pull up to the glacier and get the news from their guide that in order to get the clue, they have to climb the glacier. "Okay," Chris says, but Ron is like, "Um, both of us?" Ron tells us he's afraid of heights and afraid of falling into ice water, so this was stressful. Both sensible fears. Chris assures him that he can do it, and he gets strapped into his gear. Ron interviews, as we watch him climb, that it was "very intimidating" trying to do this, because of how steep it was. Christina is behind him, and she seems to have a little bit more trouble, at least as the editing tells the story. Ron finishes and is told it's "pretty impressive" for a first try. Christina keeps trying.

TK and Rachel pull up while Chris is still on the glacier. "Daddy," she says unhappily, and we go to commercials.

Commercials. Hey la, hey la. Such a good song.

When we come back, we're still in the drama of Will Chris Do It? And, of course, as is always the case in pre-commercials drama, Chris does it. I tell you, nothing portends post-commercial success like pre-commercial failure. But TK and Rachel and Nick and Don are approaching, as Christina insists in an interview that what helped her get through it was knowing that her father would be there at the top, waiting for her, ready to give her the real truth flavor about the boogers in her bones. TK is on the ice face. Ron and Chris head for the clue box. Rachel starts out on the wall. The clue tells Christina and Ron to get into a helicopter and take a nice ride to Merrill Field. Or a harrowing ride, depending on how you feel about helicopters. Phil says that when they land, they'll head for Goose Lake Park, where they can pick up another clue. Chris and Ron both look like they're cool with the helicopter ride, and they head out. They take off, as Rachel looks like she's struggling a bit on the ice wall. From the helicopter, Ron can see that the other two teams are "neck and neck right behind our tail." (I'm going to pause now while you draw a sketch in your head. Got it? Good.) TK finishes the ice wall and waits for Rachel, cheering her on until she reaches the top and they get in their helicopter. She actually gives an excited little hoot about getting in the helicopter -- I have to think they saw the helicopters and were sort of hoping that was what the clue was going to say.

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