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Don cuts open the fish and tells Nick to dig in and look around. "With my hands?" Nick says hesitantly. "Yes, what do you think?" Don says impatiently. Kids today, only want to play videogames, don't know the satisfaction of getting into something's innards with both hands. But it's Don who actually pulls out the clue sending them to the glacier. Back into the cab. Their moods seem better, knowing that they got through the Detour quickly and undoubtedly have picked up a little time on TK and Rachel, but Don still says, "I don't like being third out of three." Can't argue with that logic.

On the way to the glacier, TK and Rachel think Ron and Chris are about 20-25 minutes ahead of them. Rachel speculates that it shouldn't take anything too huge to close that gap, and she's very much correct, though post-flight, it's a tougher go to catch up. Ron and Chris are just pulling up at the boat launch and getting their life jackets on. They hop in a speedboat and take off, hooting and yelling as you'd expect. Christina tells us that it's been "a dream come true" running the race with her dad, and...good grief. I mean, "dream come true"? It was only, like, six or eight real days ago that he stopped hollering at her, wasn't it? Wasn't he horrible in India? I've had that dream, only I think of it as only slightly better than the one where I'm trapped in the mall when it's taken over by masked gunmen. (Recurring! Since I was a teenager! I fear retail!) She says that she and her dad are closer now. Ron's position? "We're pumped."

TK is dismayed to find that his cab driver is on the phone, asking someone where the river is. "We need another taxi, or we need to get there," TK says unhappily to the driver. "Honey, try and stay calm," Rachel says. And then a really hilarious thing happens -- we switch over to Nick and Don's cab, where Nick is saying he thinks they have a good cab driver. And their driver says, "You got numbah-one taxi-drivah." Dude. He watches the race, he knows it's the race, and he's making a joke about the race. Because he -- not Nick or Don, but Anonymous Cab Driver -- got that from Ian's weirdly obsessive repetitions of "numbah-one taxi drivah" back in Vietnam, which I totally didn't notice in the bar at all, but which is obvious on playback. That is a really weirdly meta moment. Can you imagine being that cab driver and being like, "Holy shit! I'm picking up Amazing Race contestants! Quick, what's a taxi-driver joke? ...Wait, that one's kind of racist and makes no sense here anyway. Eh, what the hell. I'm on television!" Meanwhile, TK and Rachel conclude that the drivers they had in India were easier to communicate with than these guys. But soon, he tells them that he's gotten directions and knows where to go. We shall see. TK shakes his head miserably.

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