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Now in second place, TK and Rachel read the Detour clue. They think that digging around inside a fish sounds worse than looking at the outsides of crabs, so they're taking the crab option.

Meanwhile, Ron and Chris are feeling good about being in first place, though Ron is sure they're not out there by much. "We're a good team now; we've come a long way since leg one," Chris says with a grin. It's good that she feels that way. We'll see how long it lasts.

As soon as TK and Rachel hop into the tank, the crabs start in on them. "This is an experience, huh?" he says. Heh. They quickly learn that these crabs are very cranky and pinchy and will motivate you to hurl them across the tank, which makes searching them for race colors kind of difficult. Furthermore, those gloves look really thin -- I was thinking they'd be big, sturdy rubber gloves that would help protect you from the pinching, but they're totally not. Being pinched by a crab that size through those particular gloves would, I think, really hurt.

A grumpy Nick and Don collect their gear from Sixth Avenue Outfitters. They ask the cab to get them back to the boat launch.

TK keeps groaning in pain as various crabs latch on. At one point, he even offers up a "Let go of me." Meanwhile, Nick tells Don they should do the fish, because he's pretty confident that Don will be very speedy with the fish-gutting. Undoubtedly, Don gutted fish for, like, the USO. TK and Rachel figure out that they can look in separate tanks, and this will at least give them a little wiggle room (or "getting away from the crabs" room), and they keep looking as Nick and Don speed toward the Detour. I enjoy the fact that Rachel shrieks, but then explains to TK with a chuckle that one of the crabs tried to take her shoe off.

Now wait -- take a moment, and mentally place Flo in the tank of crabs. Awesome. ["...Not for Zach." -- Joe R]

Anyway, Rachel tells TK that they might have to change Detours. The pressure's about to increase, because Nick and Don are back and ready to gut a fish. TK and Rachel agree to switch -- according to later interviews, they set a time limit that they'd look for ten more minutes, and if they didn't find it, they'd change tasks. And then (reportedly with one minute left on the Switch Detours Clock), TK flips over a crab and finds the yellow and red ribbon. They're leaving just as Don is preparing to cut into the cod. TK and Rachel leave, with TK -- exactly correctly -- telling Rachel that they need to hustle, because this task is not going to take Don very long. They get in a cab.

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