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"This is a lot of nasty guts," says Ron as he cuts into the fish. "People don't eat guts here, do they?" he asks. If I liked Ron better, I'd be charmed by this tendency he has to say really weird, random things, because let's just say: I sympathize. Ron wonders whether the clue might have been eaten by the fish. That looks...really disgusting, what he's doing now. It kind of looks like the fish's last meal was three buckets of creamy peanut butter. I can't really improve upon "this is a lot of nasty guts." Ron is right in the middle of bossing Christina around when she magically turns up the clue. Ding! The clue tells them to travel about sixty miles by taxi to a boat landing, where they'll take a speedboat ride to 20-Mile Glacier, where the clue does not warn them, but Phil warns us, that they'll have to climb an ice wall to get their clue once they get to the glacier. This sequence is notable mostly for the footage of Phil on the ice wall, which set off predictable screaming by the TARcon Phil Phetishists who find all footage of Phil in outdoor gear to be the equivalent of seeing him naked and covered with rose petals. Chris and Ron get into their cab, and their driver seems pretty sure he knows where the glacier is.

Nick and Don pass Ron and Chris's taxi going the other way as they're pulling up to the boat launch, so they know they're running behind. TK and Rachel are a bit behind Nick and Don, and Ron and Chris see them, too. Christina tells her cab driver that he has to stay ahead of all the other yellow cabs all day long. Nick and Don pull up to the clue box, followed closely by TK and Rachel. As soon as Nick reads the clue for the Detour and its mention of "rubber gloves from the bag you got at...," he knows what went wrong. "We didn't get a bag," he says. "Crap," says Don. Aw. AW!

Commercials. I don't want a luxury car! Get me back to my show!

In the cab back to Sixth Avenue Outfitters, Don is really frosted that Nick didn't read the clue in full and that they didn't get the bag as a result. He's laying into the kid, pretty hard, for missing the boat on the clue. "Your hindsight is always 20/20," Nick says quietly, but Don protests that it's not hindsight -- frontsight should have been just fine to read the clue and get the gear. I think what they're maybe both missing is that you really don't want just one person to read the clue. You have a perfect opportunity to double-check each other; I think you probably always want to do that. I'm not sure why they wouldn't, but since you have the option of doing that, you can't ever really blame one person for not reading the clue. Not slowing Don down much, though. Unfortunately, it's your basic Killer Fatigue mistake, coming on when teams are just desperately trying to get to the end, and they're not eating or sleeping very much, and they just lose a step. Incredibly easy to do; often fatal.

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