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TK and Rachel go to the store and grab their gear and clue. They leave. I love how Rachel's like, "Oh, a big knife for removing the guts from fish. Wonderful." Their driver answers whether he knows where the boat launch is with "I think so," and...rattlesnake! Uh-oh. Perhaps they are up the other kind of creek after all. Dun!

Nick and Don get to the store, and they take their clue and read it. And as they leave, we go back to the counter to see that they have left the gear on the counter. Yikes! In fairness, one yellow bag sitting on the counter isn't nearly as conspicuous as two or three would have been, so they might have been less likely not to notice if they'd been first or second, but it's really just...not reading thoroughly enough. Apparently, none of Don's jobs were "fact-checker." In the cab, Nick says they're looking pretty good being only a few minutes behind, and then we look upon their yellow bag of gear...again. Oh, I get it, editing guys. I get it.

Ron and Chris arrive at the boat launch and read the clue, which is for the Detour. It asks them to choose between fisherman's task. The choices are Cut The Cod and Grab The Crab. In Cut The Cod, you cut through several giant fish searching for a miniature clue. Phil allows that the task is "disgusting," but says if you have "guts" (har har), you might finish quickly. Oh, Phil. Not puns. In Grab The Crab, you jump into the hold of a boat that's full of 500 or so live crabs. You search to find one crab that's marked with a little red-and-yellow ribbon. While it's cleaner, this task will require you to deal with more pinching than the trains in India. Hi-yo! Ron and Chris want the cod. Ron interviews that the way he understands it, being pinched by crabs hurts, so he thought dead fish would be better. Good call, I'm going to say. They are surprised, though, and a little intimidated, by the size of the fish, which look like they could have come from a nightmare scenario involving a nuclear meltdown. One person, it turns out, can use the fillet knife, so I guess the other person just looks through the cut-open fish guts. Hey, nobody said racing was glamorous.

TK and Rachel are deposited by their cab driver at...what is clearly not the boat launch. Nick and Don check with their driver to make sure he knows where it is, and he says gruffly, "I'm a cab driver; I know stuff like that." Heh. You'll find out later that this particular cab driver is most definitely playing for the cameras, because...well, you'll see. Meanwhile, TK and Rachel find out from some guys fishing in the river that they're about five minutes from where the boat launch is. Their driver didn't miss by a lot, but he missed by a little. When they pulled up in their cab, it looked like they were at more of a visitor center or the picnic grounds or something, which is strange, because as previously noted, the boat launch looks kind of nasty and not like a "let's enjoy the view of the boat launch" kind of place.

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