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Ron and Christina look up Sixth Avenue Outfitters on the internet and find that it has practically no web presence -- just a photo of a guy holding a giant fish, and a message that they're still building their site. They've basically got everything on that site but the little animated .GIF of the guy shoveling in a hardhat, but it looks like Ron and Chris do retrieve the address, at least, which is good. At the gate, TK and Rachel are waiting with Nick and Don, and they're starting to stress out that Ron and Chris are somehow out ahead of everybody, although TK swears the board listed it as the only flight. Rachel plays solitaire and tells TK not to worry -- there's no other flight. I believe she's got a little bag of Milano cookies next to her, which is probably why she's in such a good mood. By the time they all look up to see Ron and Chris strolling down the stairs, they're all pretty relieved. Interestingly, after TK says he can breathe again, a shot of Ron and Chris gets the marble-bouncing-down-the-metal-stairs sound effect, which is how you can tell they're not going to win.

Flight to Anchorage. Ron says they're excited about the finals, and TK says he and Rachel are "in it to win it," and Nick and Don say they're "ready to go to the top." I really feel a connection with you, I won't know what's going to happen until tribal council, you sing like a Brazilian whore on a Korean cruise ship...every show has its tropes.

Anchorage! As everyone waits to get off the plane, TK notes to Nick and Don that he's seen Ron "run like a ninja." That's right: a ninja with a hernia. The Hernininja. Doubled over, but still deadly. Off the plane and to the taxis, it's Ron and Chris, then TK and Rachel, then Nick and Don. They get taxis to Sixth Avenue Outfitters in that order. As some of the EEFPs noted, I don't really understand why they're all hauling their giant backpacks around at this point. The shedding of whatever you don't need heading into the final leg has always struck me as a good idea, and these people are obviously hauling everything.

At Sixth Avenue Outfitters, Ron and Chris run in and grab a yellow plastic bag full of stuff and a clue. The clue tells them to find Ship Creek Boat Launch, and you'd better believe that in a room full of loud revelers, that sounds exactly like "Shit Creek Boat Launch.", you wouldn't want to end up, right? Up...without a...never mind. You get it. It's not as funny without the margaritas. Phil explains that at the boat launch, which looks in the previews like a great place to launch your boat into a giant pool of sludge (seriously, like it really is the Shit Creek Boat Launch), they will find another clue. Ron and Chris head back to their taxi and take off. Ron looks at the knife that's in their bag and observes that he thinks they're going to fillet a fish. You know what I've always wished they'd introduce into Ron's task-related control-freak wig-outs? A big, big knife.

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