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10:30 AM. TK and Rachel look very happy about the idea of going to Alaska. In an interview, rather than proclaim his superiority over the other teams, TK says that they all just have different ways of doing it, and Rachel stresses that for them, remaining calm and methodical has been key. "I've always wanted to go to Alaska," she says. "Hell yeah," he agrees. You know, I've heard there are some things that are legal in Alaska that aren't legal in most places. Just a thing I've heard! Just a rumor! Not saying that's why you wanted to go there! Juuuust observing!

10:37 AM. Nick and Don open the clue for Anchorage. In an interview, Nick says that the race has really made him respect Don for pushing himself so hard, and my favorite part is that in the interview, when Nick talks about how great he is, Don raises his hand and points to himself. That's right; that's him. I really, really wish he could have won, you guys. Nick says he knows no one else at his grandpa's age that could do the same. While I don't doubt the number of seventy-year-olds with great abilities, I do question how many people as tall as Nick could make it a whole month folding their giant legs into cabs as often as Nick has. I think he has his knees around the front passenger-side armrest half the time. Nick speculates in the cab that there should be hunting and fishing challenges in Alaska, and Don -- guess what! -- says that he hunted and fished as a kid. When he wasn't working in the mines, or the mill, or in vaudeville. It would be great if it turned out Don made it all up, and it's like, "Nope, been in accounting since I was seventeen." Hey, maybe he's hiding a secret past! Black ops! Could be.

At the China Airlines desk, Ron and Chris inquire about tickets to Anchorage. Christina asks to get seats closest to the front. Ron asks for a "free upgrade to your lounge," which turns out to be where they hope to find internet access. TK and Rachel pull up to the airport next, and they also choose China Air. They ask if there have been other Americans followed around by cameras coming up to the counter, and when they get the sheepish and smiling "yes" they're looking for, they ask for the same tickets. TK points out to Rachel that it's been a while since they were on a flight with another team. Heh, true that. Nick and Don get to China Air as TK and Rachel are leaving with tickets, and they get the same flight, so all the teams are on the same flight to Anchorage. But TK and Rachel and Nick and Don don't know this yet, for sure, because while they sit and have a chat with each other, they haven't seen Ron and Chris yet. And then there's this ridiculously great shot -- I'm saying ridiculously great -- of TK and Don sliding from right to left across the screen on a moving sidewalk, with Nick behind them on the one parallel, and Rachel -- awesomely -- walking along on the regular floor, having to walk extra-slow to keep up with the speedy people-mover. It's one of those little visuals that remind you how hard people work to bring you the little program you are currently enjoying.

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