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Ron and Chris run up to finish second. They look genuinely happy as they receive congratulations. Christina insists to Phil that there's nobody else she'd do the race with other than her dad. Really? Nobody? Why do I find that a little bit sad? Ron tells us that he feels grateful that he's a changed person and so on. And then Ron says this: "For once in my life, when I say these words, 'I love you,' I really mean it." Uh...huh. Okay. Maybe he...meant something else? Because that sounds horrible. It literally means "I have not loved you until now." I find that...I mean, the show clearly wants me to find it heartwarming, and I find it completely chilling. Sorry not to be with the vibe, here, but that's an awful thing to say, or think, about your kid. It's one thing to say "I love you and I don't express it," it's another to say "I express that I love you, but up until now, I didn't, actually." Ron goes on about bonding, but I feel like that slip there was so telling that if I'm being honest, I don't take any of it to heart. Loving parents do not announce on television that they've spent their lives not loving you. That's capital-G Gross. She seems like a pretty nice person, and I think she handled his shitty attitude really well,, I think she's in for a lot of disappointment once there aren't any cameras around.

Nick and Don finish third (Nick has confirmed in post-race interviews that he did indeed finish the Roadblock; they didn't get a "mercy clue," at least at that point.) Everyone cheers, and Phil tells Don he's the oldest person to ever get this far in the race. Phil asks Don if he figured he'd get so far. "Yeah, but not in third," he says. Asked if he got what he wanted from racing (other than winning), Nick says he really wanted to finish the race, and he wanted to have a great time with Don, so he did get what he wanted. There is a "Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!" chant from the other teams on the mat as everyone mingles and exchanges hugs. Don says he always said he could do it, and now, he proved it. He says he was happiest just to go on every leg. Rachel says TK is her best friend and rock and "favorite person." Aw. TK says that they ran the whole without "compromising [their] relationship in any way" was very satisfying, and I think that for once, he's actually earned that comment. Because they were unusually good at managing arguments without turning on each other, and it does kind of make the "we scream at each other because we're so competitive" thing sound like the crapload it is. Those things are on separate axes, and you don't act meaner because you want to win more; you just don't, and he's right, and good for him. And that's why when he says "nice guys can definitely finish first," that seems okay. He's not saying "nice guys finish first," as in, "I won because I am a nice guy." He's just saying that it's possible to win and be nice, which I read as a direct response to Jen's bullshit complaining about how they obviously didn't care about winning, since they didn't scream at people and act like dicks.

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