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Cook statue. And it's TK and Rachel, opening a clue telling them to find the "Salmon Hooker." Phil says this means you run into downtown, and you find the statue of...a salmon hooker (you'd be surprised how much it looks like...a salmon, but also a hooker) and find their next clue. Ron and Chris open the clue. Both teams get directions to the statue. And first to get there are...TK and Rachel, who open a clue telling them, "This is it!!! Take a taxi to Girdwood Airport and run to the Finish Line. Hurry!!!! GO, GO, GO!!!!!" Yeah, the clue people are hitting the exclamation points just a leeeettle bit hard, there. ["At least none of them are '1's." -- Joe R] They hunt for a cab. So do Ron and Chris. Both teams get in cabs. In the cab, TK is really, really stressing out. They're just so happy and excited together that it's really quite touching. After all the teams who have just stressed and sweated and looked miserable at this same point, they're know, they're really glad to be there. They're excited. Meanwhile, Ron is talking in the cab about how he learned to be a better person. Yeah, yeah. Finish line!

Teams in cabs! Teams in cabs!

A taxi pulls up to the finish line where all the teams are waiting with Phil at the big red mat. Everybody cheers and claps. Aaaaaaand, TK AND RACHEL! I was so happy, seriously. I know it would have been nice to have an older dude win, but based on these individual teams, I like them so much more, and they really did do this the way I wish everybody would do it. They had fun, they played hard, they didn't take things personally unless they were personal, they didn't yell at each other...they really did play a model game, from my perspective, and I was really, really happy to see them get out of that cab. "I think I'm going to cry already!" Rachel says as they're running. My absolute favorite part is that as he's running to the mat, TK turns back to face her, doing the exact same fist-pumping, good-spirited stuff he's done all along, running backwards so he can look at her being so happy. I just think they are adorable and wonderful. They're beside themselves with joy. "It's kind of freaking me out," TK says once he's heard the "you are the official winners" speech from Phil. Asked how their relationship changed, TK says that it's really only stronger -- which is clearly true -- and they smooch. TK interviews that while Rachel is little, she "beat a hell of a lot of very competitive people." Which is completely true, and a fair point.

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