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Nick's first try is confused. He's got the Blackberry in Lithuania, and it belongs in Italy, for one thing. Multiple difficulties. Nick's not close.

As Chris tries to regroup, she actually makes herself more wrong. She can't get past the "animal" thing, so she won't pull the donkey in favor of the bike. Rachel and Nick both have the guy on their stages, though. Rachel is having trouble remembering what the big red stick is, even though -- as the flashback demonstrates -- she's the one who pole-vaulted on it. Nick, on the other hand, can't remember the gun that was fired at the pit stop. Christina? More wrong than before on this guess. Rachel and Nick can't figure it out. Their partners know that it's all pretty even now, and anybody could take it. Which is true. The puzzle solvers look miserable.

Commercials. Man, that movie with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey looks terrible. Just like their last movie was.

Puzzle. Widespread confusion. Worried partners. "It's a quite difficult puzzle to solve," Ron observes. Rachel closes her eyes to think as she voices over that there was a formula for it. Christina is saying "frickin'" a lot as she grows more frustrated. There's even real swearing. Has she sworn on this entire race until now? Frankly, I think Christina has confused herself so much now that she's lost the thread totally, and she can't untangle anything. Rachel takes the propane bike off and puts the other bike from Ireland on. Christina has resorted to prayer. Finally, Rachel remembers the pole vaulting. "Pole-vaulting was in Amsterdam," she says. It also seems to have occurred to her that the cleaning man is an animal, because she has the right combination now. "Done," she says. And the box pops open. "Yyyyyes!" she says, and she runs over to grab the clue. She runs back over to TK, who's excitedly pumping his fist and jumping up and down with happiness. Everyone else looks miserable. I think TK and Rachel are expecting this clue to say "finish line," but instead, it just tells them to find the "Cook's-eye view of the sleeping lady." Phil explains that this means they're supposed to take a taxi to a statue of Captain Cook. "I'm so excited, baby," she squeaks as they grab their backpacks. In the cab, she claps for herself, and she deserves it. TK and Rachel's cab driver seems to know where they're supposed to be going. Of course, "seems" only counts in horseshoes. Or something.

Christina is still praying. And finally, she gets the answer and pops the clue box. She runs to her dad, as Nick looks around even more miserably than before. As she opens the clue, Christina is basically crying, which...okay. I realize you were ahead for a long time, but let's pull it together, okay? Thank you. Ron and Chris's cab driver knows where it is, and she begs him to beat the taxi that left before. Meanwhile, TK and Rachel's cab needs to turn around, so they're unhappy about that. Meanwhile, Ron assures Chris that it's not time to give up, since anything can happen. "It's not over until it's over," he says.

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