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Christina takes the Roadblock, and Ron says he's "counting on Christina" to do the Roadblock quickly, because her memory is better than his. Diabolically, the instructions tell Chris, she notes, that she's not allowed a pen or pencil. Damn. The show carefully displays the correct items, but you know what? You won't remember what they are. Ron notes that the teams just behind them are "blowing on [their] necks." Wow. Really? This is taking a turn.

TK and Rachel. Nick and Don. TK hopes Chris and Ron slow down at the Roadblock. Christina, meanwhile, seems to confuse herself by adding requirements like an idea that "transportation" can't mean Roadblocks or Detours, so she doesn't get where she can find two forms of transportation shaped like sticks, since the pole vault (one) was a Roadblock and the stilts (two) were a Detour. "I don't get it," she says. Overthinking! Less thinking, more answering!

And here come TK and Rachel. What the show doesn't tell you, but what TK and Rachel have talked about since, is that Rachel kept a very detailed journal along the way (consistent with their actual interest in the travel aspect), and they consulted and studied it on the flight to Anchorage, specifically anticipating something like this on the last leg. Rachel takes the Roadblock for the team. "Have fun," TK tells her, and she leans forward and gives him a smooch, complete with "mmm-wah!" noise. Aw! TK says he thinks she'll do well. He and Ron have a little friendly chat as Rachel and Christina continue to try to do the puzzle. When Nick and Don show up, Nick takes the Roadblock, but he looks really nervous about it when Don tells him "that's you." Don tells TK and Ron there would have been no point in his even trying it: "I'd be there for a fuckin' year." Hee. I actually think Nick takes a pretty smart approach by bringing everything over and then trying to figure out what he wants to keep and what he wants to remove.

Christina is first to call herself done, but her clue box doesn't open. She's got the wrong thing from Ireland -- she's supposed to have the bike, and she has the donkey. I'm pretty sure this is the animal thing messing her up, because she's got the donkey on the assumption that the cleaning man isn't an animal. She doesn't seem to notice, though, that this doesn't give her two wheeled forms of transport, so it can't be right anyway. Rachel looks at her list, and she's off, too. She's got the donkey instead of the bike and no cleaning guy (same problem), but she's also got the propane tank bike for India. So she's doubled up on items from India, is her problem, because she can only use the U-Turn for India. So she's got two from India, and I'm thinking that means she's got eleven things on there. Yep. Eleven things, because when she does her count of ten, she doesn't count the U-Turn.

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