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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Brennan: And that's -- sometimes people ask me, "Which is your least favorite episode?" And Episode 4 is my least favorite.

Miss Alli: Interesting. 'Cause...yeah, that beginning part is pretty rough.

Brennan: Yeah, 'cause we didn't really do anything. The only thing we did was, I told our cab driver not to call them a cab. And I think people understood -- at least most people understood -- why I did that. And then they start talking all this trash about us. We didn't understand that. That was probably the most surprising thing for us. And to be quite honest, one of the things that surprised me is that there wasn't more of that kind of stuff. When you're on a show like this, you think, "Okay, now that it's on, it's going to be interesting to see what people have to say about us." And there really weren't any other moments where people said, you know, bad things like that. Of course, there weren't any times when anybody said, "Ooh, Rob and Brennan are the best," or "we really liked them," there wasn't any of that, either [Rob and me, laughing] -- but there wasn't a whole lot of talking behind our backs that I heard.

Rob: I'm sure they were saying that all the time, how much they loved us, and it just didn't get shown.

Miss Alli: That's probably true.

Brennan: Eh, probably not.

Miss Alli: [laughing] Hey, what can I say? I'm being helpful. All right, let's discuss fame. Fame?

Rob: Umm, it's fun. I mean, we take such pride in the show and we really enjoyed the experience so much that it's wonderful when people recognize you and want to talk about it. And a lot of times, people approach you and say, "I'm sure you've been getting asked a million times, you don't want to talk about it," and we're like, "No, you know, thanks for saying something." We enjoy talking about it.

Brennan: I thought it was a pretty good movie. [looooong pause] Fame. [much scoffing and snorting] No, you know, it's fun.

Miss Alli: Do you get recognized a lot?

Brennan: We get recognized a decent amount, not a whole lot. I think it takes something different to be really recognizable, like Kevin and Drew with their bald heads. I'm good friends with some of the people from Survivor 2, and the one that gets recognized the most from them is Mitchell. And he was the fourth guy out on the show, but he's seven feet tall. I was in Vegas with him last weekend, and within the course of the day, I had maybe two people recognize me, whereas he probably had twenty people recognize him. And that's just -- just the way it goes. So we get recognized some, but not tons.

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