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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Miss Alli: Well, that day was kind of your destiny. I mean, that day was kind of everybody's destiny.

Rob: Yep.

Brennan: It really was.

Miss Alli: People who had a bad day that day were hosed for good. And people who had a good day that day were running up the last 500 feet.

Rob: Very true.

Miss Alli: And I think that goes with the other thing that sort of developed as my theory of the entire [race], which was that it wasn't so much that people won, as it was that people lost. And in order to win, you had to avoid losing.

Rob: Yeah. That's one of the things that the story editors and producers said all along was that up until the final couple legs, it's not a race to win, it's a race not to lose. All of a sudden, you switch gears at the end and it's a race to win among the final teams.

Brennan: And the truth is, if you look back at all the eliminations, you can pinpoint what happened for those teams to lose.

Miss Alli: Absolutely. Well, see, I was manipulated perfectly. Just as they intended. So, okay, this is -- I just wrote myself a note here that said, "How cool was that y'all caught up with Bill and Joe in Paris right before you ran through the sewer?"

Rob: Oh, right, that was Brennan's -- that was a great moment.

Miss Alli: I adored that.

Brennan: Well, that was really the first time -- besides them breaking the alliance, that was the first underhanded, dirty thing they had done to us, and that was the stupid little thing of going into the Pantheon, where they kind of slipped ahead of us.

Miss Alli: [dubiously] Oh, but now, see...well, I don't want to fight with you.

Brennan: But the truth is, a lot of people would say, "Hey, you guys walked past it, they had every right to do it." But the fact is, it saved them all of thirty seconds, and it pissed us off.

Miss Alli: Well, right, yes.

Brennan: So why would you do that? Why burn bridges when all you had to do was go, "Hey, guys, the entrance is over here." You know, to say, "Instead of saving our thirty seconds, we're going to not piss these other teams off." So when we got down there, and we ran, and we knew that they thought they knew Paris, and we just wanted to beat them so badly in there, that when we got there and I saw them standing there, and they're kind of looking...and at first I stood next to them, and I'm like, "They don't even see me standing here," so that's why when they turned and looked at me, I just went..."Hello."

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