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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Miss Alli: You did?

Rob: And some family in Zambia right now is enjoying our tent. [chuckle] We ditched a lot of stuff along the way just to lighten the load after we saw how the game was working and that we weren't going to need it.

Miss Alli: So you ditched that stuff pretty early.

Rob: Yeah, very early.

Brennan: Yeah, you know, we've been asked that question before, and I have never thought of anything that I would take that we didn't take. I would take more SwainBrain shirts [Shameless! Plug! Alert!], because we got all this advice from the mountain man at the local sporting goods store that we should be taking synthetic clothes and not cotton, just because you don't know what situations you're going to be in, and in the end it didn't matter. I should have taken more cotton shirts.

Rob: There's Kevin and Drew with jeans and baseball caps, and here we are with all our tight Lycra and synthetic pants and shirts, and...[trails off laughing] But hey, I wouldn't change anything. We ended up winnin' the bitch.

Miss Alli: [laughs] That is true. Who can find fault?

Brennan: That's right.

Miss Alli: So what do you consider to be the big turning points of the race?

Rob: Hmm. You mean when we finally got our groove going?

Miss Alli: Well, I don't know. I mean, part of the reason I'm asking this is that I personally think of it as having had, I guess, three or possibly four pieces. That there was a piece up through about the first three [episodes], that's a piece, and then, like, the next two are a piece in my head, I have no idea I'm just trying to get a feel for, like -- I don't know.

Brennan: Well, I thought the actual turning point, if you were to graph the thing, I thought the turning point was the ride from northern Thailand to southern Thailand.

Rob: Yeah. I would agree with that.

Miss Alli: Yeah.

Brennan: Because that was the time when, as I've just explained to you, we thought -- or I thought -- we might be eliminated, and we ended up in first place, for two reasons. We didn't take the time to look for the private car, we just said, "Let's get in the bus and go." And then once we finished the tiger thing, we got back to the bus station and immediately said, "We gotta hire a car, we gotta go." We didn't take the time to think, "Oh, should we take a bus? Oh, should we take a train?" We just said, "Let's get in the car and go." And the reason we were able to do that is because we had saved so much money. By that point, even though we were only in leg nine out of thirteen, we were already at the point where we didn't need to worry about money, because we had done such a good job saving it. We just said, "Let's go." And in the end, that's what made the difference, and that's what separated -- in fact, Margarita kind of did the same thing, and that was what put the two of us out in front, and there was no looking back. We had no worries about elimination after that point.

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