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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Rob: That one...that one, not as much as the others. [Another discussion about something they're not sure whether they should talk about. They elect not to. Don't worry -- it doesn't sound like anything you would knock yourself out to hear.]

Miss Alli: Hmm. Oh, boy, this is a good question I have here. Do you think you would have moved even faster if you had had matching outfits? [they laugh] I shoulda cut that one out, huh?

Rob: I'll tell you, I don't know how the Guidos got all that stuff in those backpacks, it's just really amazing.

Miss Alli: What...the...

Brennan: It was just the bottomless...what did we call it? The Pocket Universe.

Rob: Yeah. They've got a Pocket Universe in their backpacks.

Miss Alli: [laughing] Well, that's -- and everything was always so clean! And ironed, and it looked...

Rob: Rolled and pressed!

Miss Alli: They were so...they were so clean! Remarkable! At least I thought it was remarkable. 'Cause a lot of the time with a lot of the rest of y'all, no offense, but it looked like you probably stunk.

Brennan: Yeah, right. Believe me, by the end of the race? It was when we were in Alaska -- that was the one place where we stayed where there was no place to shower, and I mean, you know, the musher's cabin, and that little bed and breakfast place, you've got -- I had a thermal shirt on as the bottom layer, and so at times when we're running, like when we ran out to do the blanket-toss, you get sweaty at those points, and so you take all those clothes off, and you've got this sweaty shirt on underneath. By the time we got that thing to New know, sometimes you smell people that have such bad B.O. that you're like, "How could you possibly get to that point?" It was at that point. I was embarrassed to be on the flight to Newark, because I was afraid the person sitting next to me was gonna think, "Who the hell is this guy, and why does he smell so bad?"

Miss Alli: [laughing] Excellent. That turned out to be a better question than I thought. And actually, speaking of packing, if you had it to do all over again, would you take anything with you that you didn't take?

Rob: We would leave things behind that we originally took. We had this fantastic all-weather tent, we had these sleeping bags...

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