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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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Miss Alli: Sure. Sure.

Brennan: And in her defense, the few things that were shown where people were calling her the Ugly American, they didn't show what led up to those incidents. And so all they do is, they show the punch line, but they didn't show the joke leading up to it. They don't show the fact that in India, she was waiting for her mother for a half an hour after everybody else was gone, and she's got Indian men crowding around her and actually touching her and propositioning her, and she's just beside herself standing there. Her mom finally gets there, her mom's all upset, her mom starts crying, they get into the car, and these people are crowding around the car, they can't move, it looks like they're nodding their head to her, telling her yes, they know where she should be going, and finally Emily blurts out, "These people are stupid." And all they really show is the part of them getting in the car, her mom crying, and then Emily saying, "These people are stupid." And they don't show the half hour of her standing around. So in the end, she ends up looking really bad. Yeah, those are the times when you feel like you need to jump on the boards and come to her defense, but we couldn't do it at the time.

Miss Alli: But, you know, I was surprised by that. Because I think what happened with the episode in India with her is that when I first saw it -- and I think when a lot of people first saw it -- you have an automatic negative reaction. You just say, "Oh, 'these people are stupid?' Don't do that. Don't do that." But then, certainly with me, being the person who has to watch it twelve times, the more I watched it, the more it made sense. And I think the people on the boards mostly came around on that point also. Mostly came around to -- they were like, "Yeah, you know, it sucked, but you know how it happens." And you know how that kind of thing happens to you. And so I think in the end, people were actually a lot more understanding about that than I thought they might be. They came around.

Brennan: I hope so.

[Rob goes to take another call. Seriously. Damn cell phone. I continue my lovely chat with Brennan while he's gone.]

Miss Alli: Well, thanks for the...I appreciate the large investment of time.

Brennan: Well, this was an interview we were looking forward to, because as Rob just so eloquently stated, Mighty Big probably -- not probably, it was our favorite of all the boards.

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