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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Miss Alli: Well, because -- and I think what's funny about that is that it surprises me a little bit that it bothered you, because to me, that was never a cut on you at all. To me, that wasn't a "he doesn't talk." That was a "how come they never show him talking?"

Brennan: Well, I think there was a little bit of both. Like, I can remember someone saying something like, "Brennan doesn't do anything. If I were Rob, and they win, I would demand more than half the money." And things like that. There were times when it kind of became, like, "Rob does all the work." Because it was like because Rob did the talking, people assumed that he was doing all the work, and there were times it was like, "Brennan's just..." I remember -- there was one site that was actually devoted to The Amazing Race, and they said something like, "Brennan's just lurking in Rob's shadow."

Miss Alli: Oh.

Brennan: And I know that throughout the course of the race, we certainly both did 50/50 percent of the work.

Rob: Yeah, that one...I'd forgotten about that whole thing. That one was really bothersome, because the reason we won was because we were such a good team. You know?

Miss Alli: And I saw very little of that. I remember that post, I know the post you're talking about. But that's -- to me, the thing about you not talking was much more of a -- like an editing thing. It was much more of, like, a "How come they never let him talk?" And that's why I think when Sars set up the poll, that's why the poll was supposed to be funny.

Brennan: No, no -- I understood that the poll was funny.

Miss Alli: Because it was, like, obviously there's some -- obviously, the guy doesn't not talk.

Brennan: Well, that's what I said. I said, "You think they would ever have someone on a reality show, when you get thousands and thousands of applicants, that just doesn't talk?"

Miss Alli: Well, and -- yeah. And the other thing that occurred to me, too, is that if it were me, I would think it would be one thing to say you're not going to let the negative stuff about you bother you. But there was also a lot of negative stuff about people that you know. People that you're friends with. And that, to me, would actually be harder for me to sit on my hands, I think -- if it was my friends.

Brennan: Well, the hardest one for me, of course, was when things were said about Emily. [If you live under a rock, Brennan and Emily are dating.]

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