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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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Rob: Episode 13.

Brennan: I remember my mother asking me in Episode 3, "When are you guys going to say something like that?" I'm like, "I don't know. Hopefully soon enough, but..." That was kind of frustrating to us as well.

Miss Alli: Well -- and -- not so much on our site, but on a lot of other sites...I didn't really visit other sites until after the show was over, but when I went over there, posters of various stripes certainly did spend a LOT of time talking about your relationship. [they both chuckle] They just -- and I was shocked. I was like, "That's 500 posts! How bored are you people?"

Brennan: I know.

Miss Alli: But at any rate, I think once they picked up your story in the middle, your threads got more active, and then people got...highly enthused, which has its good and bad points, as you know. Does negative stuff that people say about you -- and here, I do not refer specifically to MBTV, I just mean anywhere -- the negative stuff, does it bug you, does it bother you, do you care?

Rob: Oh, very rarely does it honestly unsettle your stomach...I mean, sometimes there'll be every now and then something said that's like, "Ouch, that one really stings." But for the most part, it's just kind of part of the fun experience of hearing people's opinions about you and about the show. And there is sort of the safety in knowing that there's a degree of separation between who you really are and what people are seeing on TV. So for me at least, it's more fun than anything else.

Brennan: The one that really did bother me was the talking about how much I didn't talk. Um, because that's not me in real life. If it was, that would be fine. Like, I know from talking to the people from Survivor 2, Nick from Survivor 2? He really is quiet. I don't think that I am. And that was frustrating for me to watch these episodes and be like, wait a minute. They did hour-long interviews with me, I certainly talked as much as Rob did, you know, why the heck aren't they showing me talking on these episodes? All right, so maybe I didn't have as exciting a sound bite, but hey, give me a little bit of a break. And by Episode 6, I was very, very frustrated, so I would hate to hear people...when I would read things like, "Does Brennan ever talk?" "Is Brennan mute?" And that was the thing that did bother me, and it bothered me because it's not me. If you do something that people don't like, and you do it overtly, there's nothing you can really say about it. That was very frustrating to me.

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