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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Brennan: You know, I think I was the first one -- and I'm going to take credit for it right now -- to find Mighty Big TV. I remember sending out an email to all of the Racers. I don't remember what it was that I found, but there was something that I found about our show before it even started, and I sent it out to everybody, and that's how everybody found it.

Rob: He found a thread that was commenting on our pictures after they were first posted on the web site.

Brennan: And I think I found the link to Mighty Big from another web site. At the beginning, before the show started, we're sitting at a desk all day long at our law firm with, you know, a T1 connection, and I'm trying to find out everything I can on there, and I think it was Bill and I were kind of the two people that seemed to find all the new articles and all the new web sites and sent emails out to the rest of the Racers. And so we just found 'em originally by doing some searches, but then there's usually links from one site to another. That's how we found them all. And whenever anybody asks -- it would be so funny to read on some of the sites, "I wonder if any of the Racers are on here!" Sure we are. I mean, we're real people just like everyone else. Wouldn't everyone else want to know what was being said about them? So, you know, for every show that you watch, you can be sure that those people are on your site reading.

Miss Alli: They did ask about that a lot.

Brennan: And sure enough, we're reading that. We get a good chuckle when we read, "I wonder if the Racers are on here reading this."

Rob: And I say this in all sincerity, and I've mentioned it to you before, I mean, the experience of the show was great, but honestly, it wouldn't have been half the experience without Mighty Big. I mean, that was a daily part of our lives, I mean, a good hour or two every day talking about it, or looking at the boards, just enjoying what you guys were doing.

Miss Alli: They talked about you guys a lot. Especially -- I think once they picked up your story in the in the beginning, they didn't show you very much, so people didn't know. I seem to recall making a comment myself along the lines of, "I'll know whether I like them or not when it's established whether or not they have personalities."

Rob: Yeah. Yeah, I think you did say that.

Miss Alli: I think I did say that.

Brennan: And we thought the same thing. I mean, it was frustrating for me to have my mother call me and say, "When are they going to show a moment of you and Rob talking about your relationship?" There's all these little vignettes of the other teams Drew, saying things like, "Kevin's like a brother to me, but I don't let him into my apartment because he won't take his shoes off." You know, stupid stuff like that, and here's Rob and I -- we did not have a relationship moment until the final episode.

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