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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Miss Alli: That's exactly right! So you know you're really, really famous.

Brennan: Oh, all publicity is good publicity.

Rob: Just like some of these people hacking on us about the red carpet, come on!

Miss Alli: About the red carpet?

Rob: Well, at the People's Choice Awards.

Brennan: I haven't been on the boards --

Rob: The threads -- there was a thread of discussion about our attire at the People's Choice Awards. But it was complimentary, for the most part.

Miss Alli: There WAS?

Rob: I caught a little grief for my open collar, but that's to be expected.

Miss Alli: Who would have said such a thing?

Rob: Who WOULD have said such a thing?

Miss Alli: Who would have said you had one too many buttons open on the black shiny shirt? [Rob chuckles indulgently] Who would have made such a comment? Who would be so unkind?

Rob: We had a great time at those awards. I mean, that's the fun thing about the end of this and the culmination of it is just enjoying how everybody loved the show and getting to do these fun, fantastic things.

Miss Alli: Did you meet famous people?

Rob: Yeah, I mean, we got a nice picture taken with Ray Romano...that was cool...

Brennan: Well, no -- no, no, no -- not only that. That was kind of the highlight of my evening -- the fact was, he knew who we were. Not just that we get a picture, he says, "Hey, the million-dollar winners." Thought that was pretty cool.

Miss Alli: So, how've things been since you won the money? Other than fame. Going well?

Rob: Things are just starting to get real busy, 'cause the show ended right before the holidays, and obviously everything in Hollywood shuts down for the holidays, so it's really been the first half of the month of January and the next few weeks, it'll be very telling as to the things that we'll be doing. You know, appearances, and promotions, and opportunities, so it's an exciting time.

Brennan: We're still in an agent hunt. We haven't signed with anybody yet. We're looking at getting a publicist, and then, you know, we've got a lot of other interviews set up...

Miss Alli: Yeah, I was going to say [as to the publicist], "One who would protect you from things like this..."

Brennan: We're hoping to get some other appearances lined up. We've gotten some bites, and people that are interested. The problem is that everything seems to take so long.

[I take forever to explain that this is just what Drew said to me in New York.]

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