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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Miss Alli: But the email people?

Rob: Yeah, the email people have that...what do you call it, the fourth wall? That little bit of filter between them, so they can be a little more wacky.

Brennan: Generally, the email ones are okay, but yeah, we've definitely gotten a few wacky ones.

Miss Alli: Well, I read something about some marriage proposals, and a guy trying to sell off his sister...

Brennan: Yep. Marriage proposals, and many pictures...

Rob: Many pornographic innuendoes, and...oh, yes.

Brennan: But no pornographic pictures.

Miss Alli: Well, I'm sure they'll be PhotoShopping them soon, if I know the internet community. So, speaking for the entire readership of Star Magazine, I have to ask you about the wild parties and the dozens of groupies. [The Star ran a little article about Esquire a good ways through the race, in which it stated that the boys watched the show every week with a house full of girls -- "groupies," specifically -- numbering in the "dozens." No guys, just a house full of girls. It also mentioned that they'd both just recently treated themselves to brand-new wheels -- that Brennan had a BMW and Rob had a "tricked-out" Jeep. I did not actually expect them to answer for this article. I expected them to tell me to shut up.]

Rob: [chuckles, but makes no move to answer the question]

Brennan: Well, I think there is...we'll say there's a base of truth to a little bit of that article, but it's amazing how it can be blown out of proportion. We would have people over every Wednesday night, usually about ten to fifteen people -- usually people that we used to work with. Men AND women. So, the truth is, we did have these parties. They were usually over with by probably 10:30, when the show ended at 10:00. The other truth is, we both -- I drive a convertible BMW and Rob drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee -- of course, they're four and three years old respectively.

Rob: And my Jeep is very far from "tricked-out."

Brennan: That's why I can say the article is all based on truth, but in the end, it's not truthful at all.

Rob: Yes. JeremyBender can attest to the tame nature of our parties.

Miss Alli: Oh, and you realize the entire purpose of that question is to give you shit.

Rob: Of course, of course.

Brennan: We enjoyed it, though, because as many people have told us, once you're in the tabloids, you know you've made it.

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