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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

When we left our heroine, Rob and Brennan had just told her that they actually spent some QT with Frank and Margarita. Now, back to the interview, where the loathing of lids begins apace…

Miss Alli: Hmmm. Okay, wait...I've lost my place in my notes.

Rob: That's not good.

Miss Alli: No, that's okay. We'll just go to our "fashion" section.

Rob: Ohhhh, boy.

Miss Alli: All right. What. Is. With. The. Hats?

Rob: The hats are awesome.

Miss Alli: The hats are... [groan of pain]

Rob: I don't understand this entire debate. Those are our Tilly hats, and they keep us safe and dry and warm and we love them.

Miss Alli: Those are your WHAT hats?

Brennan: The brand, they're Tilly. T-I-L-L-Y is the brand. [Note: I think it's actually "Tilley." Look here for a peek. You'll notice that once you get past the intro, the first page says, "Prepare your family for the unimaginable." No kidding. These hats float and come with a four-page owner's manual.] You know, what happened with those, we went shopping beforehand for all the stuff we needed, and we needed an all-weather hat. We needed a hat that was, when we're in the desert or someplace like that, it'll keep the sun off our necks, and off our faces, a brim that goes all around; we needed a hat that when we were someplace where it was raining, was waterproof and was going to keep the rain off our heads, and we needed a hat that was going to fold up really easily and fit in our backpack. And those things crumple up into nothingness, and then they come right back, too. And that's what the guy at the store recommended to us for kind of the all-purpose hat.

Miss Alli: And little did you know...

Rob: And little did we know what would become of that choice.

Brennan: I think I told you before, I had every intention, because I love the Indiana Jones movies, I had an Indiana Jones hat with me. But he got so crumpled in my backpack that I threw him away in Paris.

Miss Alli: A tragic, tragic decision.

Brennan: It was a tragic decision.

Rob: But I truly don't understand the debate, because every hat we ever wore, every piece of headgear was just perfect.

Miss Alli: Mm-hmm. [Rob laughs.] Well, my personal favorite -- I did enjoy -- in New York, I think it was at dinner on Friday night, I was sitting talking to you and Sars, and she said, "I don't understand what's with you and the hats." And I said, "Yeah, me neither, what IS with you and the hats?" And she goes [to me], "No, no -- what's with YOU and the hats?" [much laughing]

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