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Where-wolves of London

Rob and Amber reach the Left Luggage counter, and there, they pick up a little satchel that has a clue with it. The clue tells them to find "the three naked men of Hammersmith." They ask Stuart whether Hammersmith is a place, and he says it is, and Rob asks if there's a subway station, and Stuart says there is. "Well, let's go there," Rob says. But it doesn't appear that Stuart has any idea what the clue means, either. It would have been awesome if Stuart had been like, "Oh, the three naked men, sure! I know where that is! I've been to that club! This way!"

The second flight lands at 10:30 AM. The Underestimated Alliance heads to the Heathrow Express, and at the counter, they learn that the other teams were here about two hours ago. Uh-oh! As they board the train, Uchenna notes that there's "work to do," given that they've put themselves into a tie for last place at the moment. Meredith says that for his team, "it's do or die." As it has been for quite some time, not that they haven't shown a surprising tendency to Do in these situations up to this point.

Commercials. You know, it occurs to me that we all have stress in our lives, but when you're throwing your clothes over the balcony, it's time to seek help.

Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen are on the train into London, and when they get there, they hop in cabs to Abbey Road. On the way, Joyce notes how pretty the architecture is on all the London buildings.

On the train, Rob picks up the magnifying glass that came with their clues, and he holds it up to stare at Amber gravely. This, predictably, makes her give him a smile like, "I like you, even though, and perhaps because, you are seriously a huge dork." Stuart explains to them that they've got three stops to Hammersmith. As Rob talks about how they'll be looking for the "three naked men," Amber comments, "I might be the only one that enjoys that."

Ron and Kelly collect their clue at Left Luggage. And we get to hear, for the first time, the glory of Ron and Kelly saying, "naked." Or, as they say it, "nekkid." They go and find a guy who gives them directions to Hammersmith on the train. They get back on, and when they're there, they start asking people on the train whether they've ever heard of the three naked men of Hammersmith. It appears that much of the train is rather entertained by the goofball Americans, but that no one has any idea what they're talking about. But who doesn't like it when random people on the subway ask them about where to find naked people? I know I enjoy it immensely.

At the Hammersmith station, Rob and Amber look up and see a statue of…three naked men! And what's more, it has clue-flagged things hanging on it, so this would appear to be the place. What they retrieve from the statue is tobacco in a little pouch, along with a pipe. And the pipe has a piece of paper stuck in it. And on that piece of paper, there are some very tiny letters. They now realize that this is why they got the magnifying glass. Rob reads off, "On what street did Victorian London's most famous detective live?" "Baker Street," an excited Stuart whispers conspiratorially. Oh, how I love Stuart, who is having the most fun ever. The clue tells them to head for the station with the same name and "find him standing tall outside." "There's a statue," Stuart tells them. They all hop on the train to Baker Street. It's nice -- nobody ever gets to look around these places very much, but at least if you make a friend, you get a hell of a lot better look at the culture than if you flew through it without talking to anyone.

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