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Where-wolves of London

Ron and Kelly then approach the Eye from the outside, and she asks him to take out the clue and look at where they're supposed to go in. He thinks he sees a sign for the ticket desk, but she asks him again to pull out the clue and look. "Please just pull it out, like I've asked you to do several times." Ahem. Sorry. Twelve years old over here. "Here, Kelly, keep it," Ron says with obvious frustration. She tells him he's "being a brat," and I'm just so happy they won that prize last week so they can continue having fun together. They go inside to get their tickets.

Up on the Eye, Rob and Amber are keeping their eyes peeled. Once Ron and Kelly get into a capsule, Ron asks her which side she wants. "I'll take this one," she says. "After I get my apology." Oy. You know, I actually know a girl who used the words "get my apology" in almost exactly this way once. The relationship ended about ten minutes later, and that is not an exaggeration. I have a feeling Ron and Kelly will not be so smart, or lucky. Rob and Amber scan the horizon for the flag as they reach the top. "We should be able to see it by now," says a concerned Amber. A bit later, Rob spots the flag on the side of a building, over a window. He asks Stuart if he knows how to get to that spot. "Yeah," Stuart says. "It's the hotel at the end." "Now," Rob wonders as they begin the agonizing and very slow ride to the bottom, "where's Ron and Kelly?"

Well, Ron and Kelly are looking out of the Eye for the clue also. They switch sides, and Ron seems to spot it almost immediately. I guess Kelly never got her apology, so she wasn't looking very hard. Rob and Amber reach the bottom of the Eye, and they run to the hotel. There, they find a clue box, and the clue for this week's Detour. Phil explains that the choices are Brains and Brawn. (What about Teamwork?) In Brains, you go to the subway and have to solve three riddles. They'll ultimately be sent to 221B Baker Street, where imaginary detective Sherlock Holmes "lives." He's quite the fictional construct, what with an actual residence and everything. In Brawn, you go a mile and a half to a park, where you transport five 160-pound boats from a lake to a storage area and stack them. Much to my surprise, Rob and Amber decide to do the riddles. They apparently start with a clue that directs them to something called "Left Luggage," and they discuss it with Stuart, who suggests it's back in the "main station" at Waterloo, where I think it's essentially the lost-and-found counter. "Left" as in "left behind," right? I think that's right. They go.

Ron and Kelly get to the bottom of the Eye, and they run to the Detour. They, too, take the Brains. Which I think qualifies as irony at some level.

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