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Where-wolves of London

On the train, Rob and Amber meet up with a guy whom they ask whether he knows how to get to Abbey Road. "You can follow us if you want to, we're going the same way," the guy replies. Rob interviews that this gentleman is the lovely Stuart, their new best friend. Amber explains that Stuart in fact offered to take them right to where they needed to go.

Back in the train station, Ron and Kelly beg for money. My favorite. Then, they get on the train.

At Paddington Station, Rob and Amber hop off the train and follow Stuart. They buy tickets for another train and hop on. Ron and Kelly, meanwhile, get off the Heathrow Express and get directly into a taxi. They ask their driver for Abbey Road, and they're off. "Thank God we're in a country where people actually speak English," Ron says. Heh. I think I'd probably feel that way after a month of travel. Elsewhere, Rob and Amber hop off the train, and Rob thanks Stuart again as he leads them outside. "This guy's pumped to be with us," Rob comments happily to Amber. "Let's see if we can lure him in and keep him with us all day long." Double-heh. You know, one of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters pointed out something very interesting this week, which is that one of the major advantages of the adopt-a-local method that Rob and Amber are fond of, as opposed to getting the same kind of help from a series of people the way most other teams do, is that teams have often talked about the delays that can come from the camera and sound guys having to get signed releases from everyone they talk to who's going to be on camera. You get yourself one guy who signs a release and he stays with you? You don't have to keep stopping for that. It's an interesting theory, and I don't know if it's the specific rationale, but it would certainly be an advantage.

They cross to the clue box and open the clue, Stuart happily peeking over Rob's shoulder. The clue tells them to go to the London Eye, which Phil explains is a big Ferris Wheel on the banks of the Thames. There, they'll look over the city and try to spot a red-and-yellow flag. Stuart, now flush with the joy of racing, starts off toward the Eye, telling them that it's "straight back down, and go to Waterloo." Stuart jogs into the St. John's Wood station where they got off the train, with Rob and Amber following.

Ron and Kelly hop out of their cab, and they cross the road to the clue box. They stop and ask people how to get there, and they're told to take the tube. And the nearest station? St. John's Wood, only about 400 meters away. (The locals are speaking metric! Keee-razy! Where will the madness end?) Ron and Kelly take off, with Ron telling her to "pick up the pace a little bit." That will go over well. How can he expect her to run fast? Her lipstick is probably all worn off! Ron and Kelly get on the train at St. John's Wood just as Rob and Amber are getting off the train at Waterloo with Stuart. Rob and Amber pick up their tickets and board the Eye with their new bud.

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