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Where-wolves of London

Commercials. I cannot believe how many version of Excedrin they manage to come up with. When they make the one that tastes like a margarita, let me know.

In the Frankfurt airport, both teams run through the airport. Rob and Amber get there first, and they learn that they will indeed get on the flight. And what about Ron and Kelly? Well, in the great tradition of this kind of "tense" moment, they get on the flight as well. Particularly when you don't find out until after the commercial, it is always highly unlikely that the flight was actually missed. I'm not sure whether the show knows that we are onto this clever ruse, but we are, because we do not have noodles in our heads. Well, at least you don't.

Back in Istanbul, Uchenna and Joyce and Gretchen and Meredith get on their direct flight to London, which leaves at 8:30 AM. The Amazing Map and the Amazing Yellow Lines show how Ron and Kelly and Rob and Amber are on their connection from Frankfurt, while the other two teams are on the direct flight from Istanbul, but everybody's now on the way to London. It occurs to me while I'm looking at the map that the other reason these teams probably risked the connecting flight, even with the standby complication, is that Frankfurt and London are very close together, and there are probably a zillion flights between them. It may well be true that even if they had missed the full flight from Frankfurt to London, they could have gotten another one within a reasonable time. Thanks, Amazing Map!

And now, London! Which is introduced in the most stereotypically London-y fashion you can imagine, so you can pretty much write the script yourself. Architecture, music, soccer hooligans breaking bottles over each other's heads…cheerio! At 9:00 AM, the lead teams arrive. Rob and Amber find their way onto the Heathrow Express, prominently marked as "the fastest way to central London." It should probably say it's the fastest legal way. Or maybe the fastest safe way -- haven't these people ever heard of a really big catapult? The tickets they buy seem to indicate that the trains leave every 15 minutes, and they'll be headed to Paddington Station. Ron and Kelly, however, are still asking about the crosswalk inside the airport, and some nice guy finally tells them they'll be looking for Abbey Road. He tells them to get the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. They go to buy tickets.

Rob and Amber are hopping on the Heathrow Express. Ron and Kelly? Not so much. And the doors close, and the train leaves. "Dang," Ron says flatly. "We missed the train." Ron sure does pack plenty of "dang" when he travels.

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