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Where-wolves of London

Ron and Kelly come up to the Turkish desk just as Rob and Amber are finishing their purchase of those flaunt-able tickets. Ron and Kelly follow by also buying tickets on the 8:30 flight. And then Kelly does a very, very weird thing. She says to the lady working behind the counter, "Do you mind letting me borrow some of your lipstick?" Eeeew! The woman, probably too polite to say no, says yes, and produces the lipstick, which Kelly puts on directly. Now, if that's me -- not that I would be borrowing lipstick from strangers in this desperate fashion to begin with -- I would at least wash the hell out of my hands and then just kind of dab a little bit of lipstick on with my finger so that she wouldn't pick up anything from me. But no, Kelly goes right ahead and shares whatever is on her lips. And…not to be mean, but when they zoom in -- a shot that, in retrospect, I think really was intended to show Kelly's lipsticked lips and wasn't as spiteful as I originally thought on the part of her probably beleaguered camera guy -- we see a close-up of her skin, which is badly broken out. It feels so mean to be like, "Kelly, ask for powder," but…seriously. In fact, I think I would feel stupid wearing lipstick in this situation, because…it's pretty clear her face isn't made up, you know? I have to say, the smile the woman is wearing as Kelly thanks her and walks away is not what I would refer to as "unambiguously warm." It's more like, "Well, there's a tube of Passionate Plum I'll have to replace."

As Ron and Kelly pass the sign for the flight boarding on Lufthansa, Kelly asks if Frankfurt is "on the way to London." Sigh. They go and check, and they learn of the same situation Rob and Amber did -- you can try it, but you'll fly standby. They decide to "take the risk," so they head off for the flight to Frankfurt as well. The lady tells them that when they get to Frankfurt, they'll need to go to the standby counter to try to get on the flight. On the flight to Frankfurt, Rob and Amber note the arrival of Ron and Kelly. That flight takes off.

Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen relax in the Istanbul airport, as Meredith insists that "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." It's true, provided you're after birds rather than million-dollar prizes reliant upon beating other people's fannies. Take a risk, people! Besides, if they knew Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly were doing it, they could have joined in risk-free if they'd gotten together, you know? We watch as the (temporarily) leading teams land in Frankfurt. The plane door opens, and Ron and Kelly and Rob and Amber are then running through the airport for the shuttle toward the standby counter. Rob and Amber almost miss the shuttle, but they manage to get on with Ron and Kelly, who are none too happy to see them. As the shuttle gets ready to stop, Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly stand by the doors as Rob notes that as there are now four (by which he means eight, including crew) people trying to get on the standby flight, it's going to be important which of their teams gets to the counter first. The shuttle stops. The teams run for it. Everyone in the Frankfurt airport cringes as one at the approaching stampede.

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