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Where-wolves of London

At the airport, they find the direct flight to London. They then make their way to a ticket counter, where the lady is willing to let them use the internet, so they log on to Expedia (ha ha ha!), and they find a flight that connects through Frankfurt. This one leaves at 5:50 AM and gets in at 9:00 AM, which is an hour and a half earlier than the direct flight. The bad news is that the Frankfurt-London half of this flight is allegedly full. "Can you put us on a waiting list?" Amber asks. Rob turns around, dubious. "Baby, this is, like, very, very risky," he says. "That's fine," she says. I like the fact that it seems like she's the one who's pushing for the risky move. Rob says that the two of them decided to risk it and get on the early flight and hope to fly standby from Frankfurt to London. And of course, here, they don't show them getting any information about how likely it is that they'll make it onto the flight, and I'm guessing they probably had some. Nevertheless, this option will indeed mean sitting on the waiting list, and Rob explains in an interview that if they don't get the connecting flight, they're going to be totally screwed.

As they're leaving, it's Amber who says to the woman with a smile, "Don't let anybody else use the internet." Look how evil she's getting! Bad influence, bad influence! "Please, nobody else," Rob repeats. The woman laughs as they leave. I don't think she's going to be turning down any business over having given her sacred word of honor not to spread the internet around.

Back at the train station, Ron and Kelly are picking up their London clue. Outside, they desperately hunt for a taxi that will take them, in spite of their low cash-flow situation. Finally, they find a cabbie who gives them the disembodied "Okay, no problem," and they are on their way to the airport.

At the airport, Rob and Amber have their tickets for the connecting flight, but they explain that they're also getting tickets on the direct flight, because those they can "flaunt around" so that other teams will think they're taking that flight. Learned something last week, I guess, about the value of making other teams nervous versus the value of keeping them complacent.

Ron and Kelly come to the airport, and when they run into Meredith and Gretchen, Meredith gives them some money. I have to say, I feel them on giving somebody a shirt to wear or something, but the exchange of funds completely baffles me. It's like on Friends, when Rachel tried to give Phoebe one of her cards after Phoebe blabbed that she needed it. The guys tried to stop her, but Rachel said, "No, no, it's okay -- I don't need it! I'm goin' for fours!" You don't hand advantages in a zero-sum game over to other people. It's absurd. It always looks to me like people just trying to make themselves look morally superior to everyone else. I realize in this case that Meredith is returning a favor, but this entire practice of directly disadvantaging yourself for the benefit of another team is just goofy. Meredith tells Ron and Kelly that the 8:30 flight is supposedly the best one, and notes that Rob and Amber are at the Turkish desk.

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