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Where-wolves of London

At the airport, Meredith and Gretchen also deal with Turkish Airlines and get the 8:30 AM direct flight.

12:53 AM. Ron and Kelly. They note that they have absolutely no money, and as they go, Ron notes that Kelly will, in particular, feel rather acutely the absence of makeup following the loss of their possessions. "She's really surprised me," he says, "and I think I've seen everything I want to see out of her on this race." Wow, there's a comment that could be taken in a couple of ways. Has he seen everything he hoped to see? Or has he seen everything he can tolerate seeing and can't stand to look at her if she's going to get worse? Because if it's the second one, you're going to see this poor ex-POW conking into a hell of a lot of clue boxes stumbling around with his eyes closed. Kelly voices over that once a upon a time, she wanted to marry Ron, but now, she's "just not sure." I wonder whether the fact that he doesn't seem to want to marry her at the moment is having any effect on that calculus. She says my favorite thing, which is that she hopes the race will show them whether they're meant to be together. Bleh. Somewhere, Brian and Greg are laughing.

In the street, Ron and Kelly encounter some drunks staggering home from a bar, and that's not going to be a good start to their begging efforts at all. You don't want your "begging" to become "rolling," because that would sort of make you feel sad. They go into a store of some kind next, and they ask for money. A guy inside says, "From, from which country?" Hmm, not sure how I'd feel about answering that one. "We're from America," Kelly says. "America," the guy repeats. She says they need help, and the guy tells them to come with him. Outside, he rounds up some money for them from some guys (?), and Kelly thanks him as Ron counts out eight million Turkish lira. Next, they hail a cab, and Kelly begs the driver for mercy, explaining that they only have six million lira. Heh. Crafty! The driver agrees to take them.

At the train station, despite not knowing what a dervish is, Rob and Amber have made their way into the dervish room. "This looks like they-eh dead," Rob says, showing his usual delicate touch. I'm not sure I've ever seen the dead whirl, and I think I'd be concerned if I did, but there is something rather ghostly about the white robe and the oddly splayed arms and the face that doesn't look at you. It's either a little like a ghost or a little like a lot of girls having a very unusual First Communion. "Yeah, I don't like it. It's spooky," Amber says. "It's like they're hanging from something." Which is exactly what I thought when I saw them, because of the arms. They rip the clue and read the part about the Beatles album cover. "Oh, my dad's going to kill me…" Rob says. And then he tentatively adds, "Abbey Road?" I really think the sound guys should have added a "ding!" sound right there, but they didn't. Instead, you get the sound of Amber thinking that sounds right. Outside, they get a cab to the airport. In the cab, Rob shows the driver a little spiral notebook in which a few things are written, and the driver nods and hands it back. Rob shows the book to the camera and explains that it's his "Turkish translation." What's written on the page are the words "Please go fast," along with what is presumably the Turkish equivalent. The book also shows "Please help me," along with the slightly less generic "Where is the museum?" They're no dummies, those two. I'm betting if you turn the page, it also has the Turkish translation for, "Our wedding will be airing May 24th on CBS."

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