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Where-wolves of London

11:57 PM. Meredith and Gretchen. As they leave, Gretchen talks about what a "thrill" it is for them to be the oldest couple ever to be this deep into the race. They hop in a cab and head for the train station as she says that they just wanted to make it a few legs in without "embarrassing [them]selves" -- super attitude! -- and here they are, in the final four. I will give them this much -- I certainly wouldn't have called it, these people in the final four.

Uchenna and Joyce find the airport and look for flights to London. They ask at Turkish Airlines, and they learn that the first flight out is at 8:30 AM. They buy tickets on this direct flight to London. Incidentally, Joyce is still very gorgeous without any hair. After they get the tickets for the direct flight, Uchenna mentions to Joyce that they haven't looked at options other than a direct flight -- it's always possible that there's a flight with a connection that would be faster. She tells him she thinks they should stick with the direct flight, because with a connection involved, "anything can happen." Ooh, bad move. That's too risk-averse for this stage of the game. That's first-leg thinking. They're going to have to get a little bolder than that, probably, if they're going to win.

Meredith and Gretchen are at the train station. Inside, she declares the dervishes "wonderful." They open the clue, and after they read about the Beatles album cover, Gretchen complains (shockingly), "I'd rather it would be Mel Torme." Well, sure. Because the Beatles are so modern, nobody knows them but the kids. I mean, seriously. It was freaking forty years ago. They don't really qualify for characterization as "newfangled." Or "whippersnappers." It's the damn Beatles. God. Anyway, they get a cab and go to the airport.

12:37 AM. Rob and Amber. Rob shows off his usual expert dick-tion as he reads the clue about the "deverish [sic]." Come on, sound it out, dude -- you sound like a twit. They get a cab, and Amber tells us that they know that close to the end, it's easy to make stupid mistakes. She also says they have no idea what a dervish is. And out of context, I wouldn't either. I mean, I know the expression, certainly, but I doubt I could have come up with the fact that it's a religious sect with a spinning ritual. Nor do I know whether, without the "whirling" in front of it, I'd even have recognized it from the expression. ["I would have, but solely because my mother used the word 'dervishes' constantly in the service of telling us not to run through the kitchen." -- Sars] At any rate, they head for the train station. "I think it's a…topless woman," Rob somewhat predictably says, because he's the kind of guy who will insert the words "topless woman" into sentences almost at random, the way other people will insert "um." The editors provide a Phil-esque eyebrow-pop from the cab driver.

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