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Where-wolves of London

Ron and Kelly hop out and run for the mat. They are welcomed as team number two, and they admit that they've had a very frustrating day. I have a feeling that the harness will not be used at this pit stop, nor any fire batons.

The other two teams approach the park. Running, running, running! Who will hit the mat! Well, Uchenna and Joyce. Welcome, you are team number three.

Here are Gretchen and Meredith. They step up to the mat and are eliminated. They share a hug. Very nice people, unquestionably. Gretchen -- whom I always like much better when she's not in the middle of a stressful situation -- gives a lovely little speech about how they lasted longer than they expected and they "have more than a million dollars of memories and experiences." Meredith talks about how much he loves his wife and adds that he doesn't really ever want to see a double-decker bus again. Heh. Phil calls them "an inspiration." Which…may be overdoing it, but all right. They share a hug. She interviews that they made great friends, and it was "a totally incredible experience."

And now, the setup for the finale. Short version? Everyone predicts victory. 'Nuff said? I thought so. Oh, and Ron thinks Rob and Amber have "a definite lack of character." Probably for beating his ass. And of all people, the one who declares that "it is going to be so on" is…Kelly. Pfft. Not very believable, considering the only thing Kelly is capable of putting "on" is a hair dryer.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Finale. Finish line. And? Madison Square Garden. Be there or be…sober.

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