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Where-wolves of London

Uchenna and Joyce approach the Yield and see what happened with Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly. They run on. Speaking of Ron and Kelly, he's yelling instructions to her while she's trying to drive the course. Uchenna and Joyce show up and find that Ron and Kelly are still there. Joyce takes the Busblock for her team.

Kelly hits another cone, and she disbelievingly starts over. Uchenna says he thinks he and Joyce will "be able to pass" Ron and Kelly if Kelly is having difficulty. Because Uchenna does not yet grasp how hard this task is. Behind them, Gretchen and Meredith also arrive at the Busblock while Ron and Kelly are still there. Meredith takes it. "It's anybody's game at this point," Uchenna observes.

And then, bless their hearts, the editors make their run at the Emmy by putting together a suspenseful, hilarious, uncomfortable montage of Kelly, Meredith, and Joyce trying to maneuver these huge buses through the cones. "Straight!" yells Ron. "Turn right!" Uchenna yells. "SLOW DOWN!" bellows Gretchen. "I am!" Meredith yells back, and Gretchen makes a scrunchy face and walks away. "Cut the wheel hard," Ron directs, making a "cut the wheel" swirl with his finger. "Whuuut?" Kelly hollers. "Hard riiiiight!" Uchenna yells. "I'm all the way right!" Joyce comes back. And the Torture of Meredith begins as the whistle blows on him. "Awwww!" he says angrily. "Oh, for cryin' out loud," Gretchen grumps. The whistle blows for Joyce, and she says to Uchenna, "You directed me right over that!" "The other way!" Ron yells. "I'm not backing into that one!" Kelly answers. Whistle: "[Tweeeet!]." Meredith: "Uaauuuuggh!" Whistle: "[Tweeeet!]." Kelly: "[Hands on head]." Uchenna: "Babycakes!" Joyce: "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE SAYING!" Whistle: "[Tweet!]" Meredith: "Awwww." Ron: "Kellyyyyy!" Kelly: "Stop." Joyce: "You're makin' me nervous!" Uchenna: "I'm going to just shut up." Meredith: "[pounding steering wheel] Uhhhhhhhhnnnnph!" It's like a symphony of frustration. Awesome.

Kelly is on her seventh attempt. Ron comments that she's getting better and going faster. As she hesitates when it's time to back up, he says, "It's like teaching women how to drive." I can barely bother with how idiotic and sexist that line is, because it's so fucking stupid. It is teaching women how to drive, you buffoon! He gives her some more orders. She backs into the spot and hops out. She takes the clue and they leave. The other two teams note that Ron and Kelly are on their way out. As they go, you can tell that Kelly is not one bit happy. They hop into a taxi to head for the pit stop.

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