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Rob hauls himself up into the bus. He makes it partway through the course, but then he hits a cone, causing the course guy to blow a whistle that racers will, over the next little while here, come to well and truly hate. As the guy walks Rob back to the beginning of the course, he says, "Watch where you're going." Heh. Yeah, Rob. The safety of innocent cones depends on it! Amber comments that she'd really like Rob to get this done a little more quickly, particularly if it means they can get going before they run into Ron and Kelly. Yeah, I'm thinking that would not be a happy reunion of friends. But for good or for ill, speaking of Ron and Kelly, here they come.

Uchenna and Joyce reach the park where the Detour is. They start hauling a boat out of the water. They tug it on a trailer up to the bandstand, and then they flip it onto a pile of boats. Meredith and Gretchen arrive and are intimidated by the size of the boats. They start in dragging a boat onto a trailer, while Uchenna and Joyce run with their next boat. Uchenna and Joyce actually call out encouragement to their Underestimated-Alliance-mates. There is boat-stacking.

There is also bus-driving by a somewhat hapless Boston Rob. On his third attempt, he barely nudges the cone, but he nudges it nonetheless, and the whistle blows. He hollers at the universe, and then he says, "It's hahd!" "I know, honey," Amber says quietly, feeling her lead disintegrate. "Don't worry!" he calls out. "I got it now!" And she smiles this very amusing, knowing smile that's like, "God, I hope so, but you would so say that anyway." "Fourth time's the chahm!" Rob calls out as he takes the bus through the course again. And indeed, it is, as he finishes the course. He thanks the whistle guy, and then apologizes to Amber for the delay as he runs over with the clue. When they get it open, the clue tells them to head for the pit stop, which is located eight miles away in Potter's Field Park. The last team to check in may be eliminated. They get a cab for the park. "I was there for like an hour," he comments, and Amber laughs. Dude, others will be there even longer.

Ron and Kelly, reporting that they spent an hour in the cab, arrive at the Dome and run up to the Yield mat to receive the bad news. "This is the nail in the coffin," Ron says. So wait, do Ron and Kelly themselves think they're behind, in addition to Rob and Amber thinking they're behind? It's like there's something up here, but I don't know what it is. I can only plead confusion.

Uchenna and Joyce move their fourth boat. Meredith and Gretchen struggle with their second. Gretchen comments in a suspiciously warm voice-over about how nice Uchenna and Joyce are, and how great their friendship has been. In fact, Uchenna tries to help Meredith and Gretchen push their boat, until Gretchen reminds him that help isn't allowed. Uchenna remembers that that's right, and he backs off. Uchenna explains as he hauls out his last boat that Gretchen and Meredith are such nice people that he hates to see them "breaking their backs." Me, too, which is why I will never understand why they chose this task. ["And regardless, Uchenna, love you, mean it, but: raaaaaaace!" -- Sars] At any rate, Uchenna and Joyce finish the task, and they get the clue for the Dome. They also note the existence of the Yield. Gretchen snaps at Meredith as they try to unload another boat.

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