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Where-wolves of London

Ron and Kelly reach the Sherlock statue, where they get the final clue to the museum. They walk to Sherlock, where they turn in their stuff and get the clue. They decide to take a taxi to the Millennium Dome instead of taking the train.

Uchenna and Joyce rip the Detour clue. "Brawn is better for us, huh?" Joyce wonders. It is? Hmm. They are closely followed by Meredith and Gretchen, who decide -- because they don't know the London underground -- to take Brawn. WHAT? Boy, that seems like a misbegotten plan if ever there was one. Meredith and Gretchen have no Brawn! That's insane. Both teams get in cabs headed for the park.

On the train, Amber notes that if they show up at the Yield and find that it's been used on them, they won't be that shocked. "We've got to be first," he says. Meanwhile, in Ron and Kelly's cab, Kelly says that because Rob and Amber are the biggest competition they have, she and Ron would "definitely want to Yield them." Rob and Amber arrive at the Millennium Dome, and they head for the area they've been directed to. As they approach, Phil explains about the Yield -- you can only use it once, it means making someone behind you stop racing for a period of time…you know the drill. And this is the last one on the race, so if you ever want to use it, you'd use it now.

Rob and Amber stand on the Yield mat, and they discuss what to do. They talk about Yielding Uchenna and Joyce, but they also talk about Yielding Ron and Kelly. Rob wants to Yield Ron and Kelly because they're the "toughest competition." What became clear when you watched the Insider video (which is sort of plot-critical here) is that Rob and Amber, for some reason, thought Ron and Kelly were -- or might be -- in last place. Presumably because of the money situation and the fact that they haven't seen them in quite a while, or perhaps just because they're nutty, that's what Rob and Amber thought. Which makes it make a little more sense when Rob tells Amber that if they Yield Uchenna and Joyce and Ron and Kelly are still last, then the Yield will have been wasted. I've always believed that the Yield was best used on whatever team you believe is farthest behind and worst used on the team right behind you, so this struck me as a horrible piece of play, but I guess if you thought Ron and Kelly would be in last, this is exactly what you'd do. I don't like the Yield anyway, though. Down with the Yield!

At any rate, after substantial discussion, Rob and Amber choose to Yield Ron and Kelly. They leave their own picture under the "Courtesy of" words, and they walk on. At the clue box, they learn that this is the Busblock, where the chosen person has to drive a great big bus through a marked course without hitting any cones. Considering what an utter disaster I am in the area of parallel parking, I cannot imagine I would be anything other than utterly hideous at this. And if you hit any cones, the bus has to go back to the beginning of the course, so that will be a pain in the ass. And at the end of the course, you have to back the bus into a space. Oy. Because Amber can't drive stick (oy! HATE!), Rob takes this one, which could seriously turn out to hurt them in the end, which they would entirely deserve, because the fact that she didn't learn to drive stick is unfathomable to me. Learn to drive stick, people! God. They should know from Survivor about people who don't learn to make fire.

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