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Where-wolves of London

Uchenna and Joyce collect their clue at Abbey Road sending them to the Eye. Meredith and Gretchen arrive and do the same, just behind Uchenna and Joyce.

Ron and Kelly get to Hammersmith and find the statues. They grab their tobacco pouch and pipe. When they get the clue, they stop a guy outside the Starbucks (where all the best people hang out) and ask him whether he knows what street Sherlock Holmes lived on. The guy tells them that the answer is Baker Street, and they revert to their subway map to look for the station.

Elsewhere, Rob and Amber hop off at the Baker Street station. They immediately see the statue, and they find their clue in one of several Sherlockian hats hanging on a rack. The clue tells them to travel on foot to the museum, and to bring all of Sherlock's stuff back. Heh. In my absolute favorite shot of the entire episode, we cut to Rob and Amber walking down the street. She's wearing the hat -- too big for her -- and dangling the pipe -- sort of cartoonishly big -- out of her mouth, and she's carrying the magnifying glass, and she's sort of pumping her arms comedically. She looks adorable and hilarious and utterly un-self-conscious. And you can tell that it's not bullshit when they say that they race very hard, but they also have a lot of fun together. Rob is trying not to laugh as he says, "Don't screw around." She looks at him, and then she just keeps on walking and pumping. "Hey, give it back," he weakly protests. "I think it's got to be over here, in the bag." "No, we're good," she says, and they keep going. That moment of him as the straight arrow was kind of funny. They reach the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and there, they give the goods to Sherlock. The clue he gives them in return tells them to get to the Millennium Dome, which Phil explains is "the largest public arena of its kind in the entire world." The clue also suggests that there will be a Yield waiting when they get there. They head back down to the Baker Street station, where they again catch up with Stuart, who gives them directions to the Millennium Dome. Rob tells us that if they don't make it to the Yield mat first, they'll be Yielded for sure.

Meredith and Gretchen and Uchenna and Joyce are on the Eye, looking for the clue. Joyce spots the flag. Gretchen, on the other hand, chooses to continue whining. "Oh, my Goood," she moans, "where could it be?" Meredith then spots it, and thank goodness, because I'm not sure how much of that stuff from her I was up for. I would, if possible, have shown her the flag myself.

On the train, Rob and Amber bid a very warm farewell to Stuart. (Stuart's first appearance: 21 minutes into the episode. Stuart's last appearance: 33 minutes into the episode. With a set of commercials in between.) Rob and Amber immediately struggle with feelings of abandonment. "Now, we're on our own," she says with a grin. "What are we gonna do?" he laughs. Yeah, what indeed? They've only won three legs so far. They're weak -- weak!

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