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The sun rises over Africa as Phil narrates, "Botswana is a landlocked nation in southern Africa." How poetic. Over less prosaic shots of the scenery, wildlife and Bushmen, he continues, "70% of this country is covered by the Kalahari Desert, which serves as home to these indigenous Bushmen." Whom we haven't seen on the show for three weeks, but it's good to know they're still here. "And located on the southern edge of the Okavango Delta is the Royal Tree Lodge," Phil concludes. See? It's not so hard to get a verb in there after all. From an expansive deck out behind the lodge, Phil tells us that this is the start of the eighth leg in a race around the world. Hockey brothers Bates & Anthony won the previous leg, again, so they're the first to start this one, at 5:55 AM. Despite the early hour, it's full daylight as they read that they'll be flying from here to Zurich, Switzerland. Phil says that's nearly five thousand miles across Africa and into Europe. It's also, we'll soon see, the opposite of Botswana in almost as many ways as it's possible for a place to be. In the airport, they'll need to find a blonde, bespectacled train conductor who will hand them their next clue. Before the leg starts, both brothers interview that they've been having a great time racing together and don't want it to end. Not that there seems much danger of that happening any time soon. Getting into a taxi, they make what sounds like a highly unusual request of their cab driver: time travel. Which seems like it would call for a bigger tip than they could afford -- not to mention against the rules -- but soon they're getting dropped off at a local travel agency called Time Travel. The name of which proves not entirely inappropriate, as an agent fires up her dot-matrix printer. She can get them to Zurich by 2:00 the following afternoon, which they take, but only after getting her assurances that nobody else is going to get there faster. In other words, all six remaining teams are going to be on the same flight. At least people are rarely surprised about that any more.

So we cut to Maun International Airport, where all the teams have already arrived, without benefit of any starting times or rankings, let alone any further pre-leg interview clips. However, Chuck & Wynona interview that they're finally having fun and not yelling at each other so much. Yes, there have been a few tense moments like the Hanoi Detour and the goat-canoe (which the Amazing Editors helpfully flash back to), but there have been plenty of other times when they avoided criticizing each other even when it was justified. Those clips don't get the point across as well, though.

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