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Andrew gives up on getting his foot-wrapping right, after his last attempt results in something that the paper booties would have been an improvement on. So that's it -- they're switching Detour options. They therefore head back into the tent to change into their own clothes. Ooops.

In their cab heading out of the base, Dallas and Toni spot Nick and Starr coming in, and are happy to realize that this confirms they're in first. Reading their clue, the Siblings decide on "Boots." Which Ken and Tina have now already completed, and they get their clue in second place. In the changing tent, the Siblings encounter the Frat Boys, now back in their civvies, talking about how hard the task was. The task they didn't even do because Andrew couldn't get his feet wrapped, and then gave up on in order to do another task for which Andrew also needs his feet wrapped. Then they head back outside. As Ken and Tina also leave the tent on their way back to their cab, they encourage Nick and Starr that they'll do fine. Did they ever agree to suspend their alliance or anything?

The Frat Boys run across the grounds to the place where the soldiers are sitting at the tables, and apologize for making them wait. They quickly find the "field kitchens," which are essentially large outdoor stoves, and run over to them. Leaving the base in their cab, Ken and Tina compliment each other on how good they looked in their uniforms. "You looked like G.I. Jane," Ken leers. I was thinking more like the villain's evil fascist girlfriend in an action movie, but tomato, tomahto. Nick and Starr get their feet wrapped right, and as they go over to listen to their marching instructions, Starr is whispering to herself, "We got this, we got this." Man, she's starting to make me nervous.

Wearing a white apron and chef's hat over his civvies, Andrew finally reads the clue and tells the similarly attired Dan that after all that, they have to go back and change into their uniforms. Back to the tent, morons. In an interview, they admit that they've made a lot of stupid mistakes. "A compilation video needs to be made of all our mistakes," Andrew says, and Dan adds that it would be Braveheart-length. And to their list of mistakes, we can now add passing up the rare opportunity to name-check the 15½-hour German flick Berlin Alexanderplatz.

As Nick and Starr march around the grounds, Starr VOs about how much of the game is out of one's control -- language, cab drivers, etc. -- but at least they do well on the Detours. The Frat Boys are at last properly shod, and as Nick and Starr come around to the end of their lap and get approval to continue on to the next destination, Andrew and Dan decide to go back to the march, since it's closer and the reason they switched before isn't actually in effect any more. Unfortunately for them, a new one is about to be.

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