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Nick and Starr are still far behind and still lost. "We could be in last place," Nick says as they get moving again after the latest round of stopping for directions. Finally, someone says something that triggers a commercial break.

Toni and Dallas present themselves to a soldier for inspection. After passing muster, so to speak, they join a squad of about ten soldiers to begin their marching lessons. Back in the changing tent, Tina wants to go somewhere private to change, but Ken says there's no time for that. "Get naked in front of everybody?" Tina asks. The next shot shows Andrew, as he's changing, looking up. I'm sure that was just the editing.

Starr is still stressing out at her and Nick's driver, who seems pretty confident that they're on the right track despite not speaking a word of English. Either that, or he knows exactly where to dispose of their corpses.

Toni and Dallas have begun their march. Meanwhile, the other two teams have moved to the outside of the tent to do the foot-wrapping thing. Ken and Tina seem to be doing okay, but Dan and Andrew are having their typical problems that they have whenever textiles are involved. "That's how you did it," Andrew argues when one of the demo guys shakes his head at him. I'm thinking that's probably not the case.

Toni and Dallas are marching to the music, and they both say in voice-over that it's just about focus and rhythm. Not that hard, really. Ken and Tina join a squad, while Andrew is still struggling with his foot-wrapping. Dan is suggesting switching options. "If you can't put the thing on, we gotta go." That's what she said. Man, I am spending way too much time weecapping The Office. In the background of the Frat Boys' shot, Ken and Tina are already marching past, having a great time. And Dan yells at Andrew to just put on the boots, and Andrew tells him to shut the hell up already. Dan mutters that this was a bad decision. How many different kinds of footwear trouble is it possible for one team to have?

Nick and Starr finally spot the sign for the base they're going to. Starr's blood pressure drops back down into triple digits.

Toni and Dallas finish their march, and the bored young drill instructor tells them, "Da." Or, as the subtitles helpfully translate, "Yes." They're pointed to another clue box waiting inside a half-constructed concrete building, inside which they find an envelope sending them to the Zhukovsky Bakery for their next clue. Ah, the Zhukovsky Bakery. I know it well. Great blintzes. As Dallas and Toni change back into their regular clothes in the tent, Dallas comments on how hot it was on the parade ground, but he's glad to be the first team out. Think he wants to win a leg?

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