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At the gate, Dallas cackles at their footwear. "Team Dandrew will have their own shoe line," he laughs. He points out a handy shoe store down the concourse, and as the Frat Boys pad over, Dan marvels at their luck: "A 24-hour shoe store in a Kazakhstan airport." If this were a scripted show, I would completely not be buying this. Then they actually start shopping and see that shoes start at the equivalent of $100 US a pair, which will put a pretty big dent in their $474 bankroll. Andrew considers a pair of sandals, and Dan says they might work. "If you don't mind looking like an idiot," he adds. Oh, I think they passed that exit several weeks back. They end up spending about $300 on new skids. Which doesn't make them look like idiots at all.

The next morning, all four teams board the same flight to Moscow, making it a light week for the Amazing Yellow Line. Shots of traffic and landmarks welcome the racers, who tumble out onto the curb outside the airport yelling for taxis as though to the clouds above for all the effect it's having. It's chaos, but the Frat Boys are the first to spot some cabs in a parking lot some distance away. Their joy diminishes, however, when the driver says he's going to charge them 2,500 rubles, or more than half the cash they had left. "Spending a lot of money on shoes might come back to haunt us today," Dan obviouses. I'd go even further back, to like, when they decided to ditch their original shoes in the first place, or decided to go on The Amazing Race. Toni|Dallas get out of there next, with the Siblings right behind them in a cab equipped with a non-English-speaking driver. Tina asks their driver if he knows where the monastery is. His answer? Silence. "This is not good," Ken says. Dan and Andrew seem to be pretty much wandering around the city, if that's possible in a cab. "That looks churchy," Dan says of a large red building, which Andrew thinks is a totally original thing to say. Dallas is overwhelmed by the scale of the place, both in terms of the city and the individual buildings, which are indeed huge. In the taxi behind them, Nick says they're following Toni|Dallas, although they'd like to get some distance between them. Oh, that'll definitely happen. Dallas wonders about the other teams by way of speculating that he and his mom might actually be in the lead, and jokes that the Frat Boys are probably "on their way to a whole 'nother country by now." It's funny because it's true. In fact, they are on their way nowhere, since their driver has stopped and gotten out of the cab to ask someone for directions. "Nothing you can do," Dan mutters, as we watch him doing it, and doing it well. Ken and Tina's driver is also lost, and climbs aboard a bus to ask the driver where to go. Or maybe to go home because his shift is over.

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