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Ken and Tina are out of there at 11:17 (Ken complaining out loud about the cab fares they're paying), and as always, they interview about the status of their relationship during the race. She says Ken tends to try to get her to chill out, but she insists on being 100% on-task all the time. Including when she's applying her makeup, clearly.

At the airport, Nick and Starr find Toni and Dallas still waiting at another ticket counter, learning what they already knew about the flight situation. With both teams' tickets secured, Dallas and Starr wander off together for a romantic conversation about how frustrated Dallas is that she and Nick keep winning prizes and he hasn't won anything. Aw, how sweet. Starr continues to be totally smitten by him. "He's a pretty incredible man," she interviews. His hair is certainly getting incredibly tall. As if he needed any more height. Has he been carrying that much hair product all the way from L.A., or has he been picking it up along the way? We later see the young couple hanging out at the gate. He seems to be trying to make up for the fact that she's won more legs than he has by parking his hand on her actual leg, as if he can absorb one of hers by osmosis that way. He VOs that they're getting along well, but only one of them is going to win a million dollars. Could they maybe switch partners? I think Nick and Toni would be a real powerhouse. In a solo interview, Nick shares his views on Starr's romantic history, which he says has been characterized by "guys who take the back seat to Starr's forceful nature." Translation: my sister is an uptight control freak. But he adds, "I think Dallas is the kind of guy that can hold his own." Heh, he said "back seat." Nick's not worried about Starr getting distracted, let alone Dallas. Back at the gate, Dallas "jokes" that he's pissed about how much the Siblings have won, but the suddenly dramatic music and the fact that no one else is laughing indicates that he might just be kidding on the square.

Andrew and Dan are leaving the Pit Stop at the embarrassingly late hour of 12:41 a.m., over ninety minutes behind the third-place team. As they walk away from the Pit Stop, the camera follows their feet, which are clad in little paper booty slippers. You'll recall that they left their shoes at the last Detour and never got to go back for them for some reason. So what's with the booties? "We jacked them from the maid," Andrew interviews. In the cab, Andrew suggests they invest in some actual shoes, but Dan doesn't love the idea. They give a little interview about how they've benefited from low expectations. At the airport, Dan haggles their cabbie down to thirty dollars from the fifty-dollar fare being asked. He figures they're headed for "one of the most expensive cities in Europe," so they might as well start shortchanging cabbies now. They head inside and get their plane tickets. At least the paper shoes will make it easier to get through security.

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