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The Frat Boys get out of their cab, but their driver isn't happy with how much Dan wants to pay him. Dan's trying to hold on to some of his cash, which he's stupidly waving around, while the driver Russianly expresses his frustration. By now, Starr is so wound up she's even arguing with Nick about the best way to walk into the park. Hey, Starr -- respect the fun garden.

The Frat Boys' cab driver has resorted to writing down figures for them on a piece of paper to demonstrate how much they owe him. "Is there anything we can, like, give him?" Andrew wonders. How about those fancy new shoes? By this time, Nick and Starr are walking through a gate. When we come back to the Frat Boys, Dan has adopted the negotiating tactic of sitting on the curb and moping while Andrew turns out his pockets. "Dude, just sit down," Dan mutters to him, like this is some kind of demonstration. You know, if Uchenna and Joyce had dealt with this problem like this, Season 7 would have ended quite differently.

Nick jumps up to peek over a high fence in the woods. "This isn't a library!" he yelps. When he's right, he's right.

Dan is indeed trying to give the driver his shoes, claiming he can sell them for a hundred dollars. To a guy who just watched him carry a ton and a quarter of flour in them, he says this. Dan takes them off and puts them on the street at the cabbie's feet. The cabbie just shakes his head and slides them back over to Dan with his foot. No language barrier in front of that gesture. While Nick and Starr continue searching for the library, Dan finally holds up all the money he has left. Luckily, this is when the driver has finished his cigarette, so it's a good time for him to snatch the cash and stomp back to his car, having been grievously underpaid for the better part of a day's work. Sucks to be him. Dan and Andrew head at last into the park.

But there's no way they're going to make up the deficit between themselves and the Siblings. "Nick and Starr, you know where you are?" Phil asks them gravely. Stop with the rhyming, Phil. "Last?" Starr says nervously. Phil informs them that they are in fact team number three. Nick's never been happier to hear that.

The sun is low in the sky behind Phil and the greeters as Dan and Andrew jog up, still wearing their shoes. Phil breaks the news: "Andrew and Dan, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you... you're still in the race." Oh, Phil. You're such a scamp this week. And I'm sure you're not as sorry as I am. The Frat Boys chuckle at the fact that when they finally ended up with the last-place finish they so richly deserved, it was a non-elimination leg. Phil explains to them about the Speed Bump, which you'll recall is an extra task that only Dan and Andrew will have to do at some point during the next leg.. I'm sure they'll still find a way to do it slower than everyone else.

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