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At this point, all four teams are in taxis to the Pit Stop, but the Siblings' is the only one whose driver doesn't know where he's going. A frustrated Starr insists they change cabs. "I don't want to be last," she says before the ads.

Once they're in the back of a new cab, Nick actually giggles at Starr's histrionics about the horrible day they're having. And Dan confesses, "The financial situation is not great." He thinks they've got about $125, and the cabbie's going to want at least $250 for his six-hour drive. "Looks like an understanding guy," Dan says hopefully. "A good old bro-sky." Da, good luck with that.

Dallas and Toni find the address for the Pit Stop first and hop out of their cab. Ken and Tina don't seem far behind them. Starr is freaking out again, now because their driver is on his cell phone, which she takes to mean he doesn't know where he's going either. Does she think cab drivers never talk on their cell phones except to ask for direction? "A little further," he promises. Starr claims he's said that a million times. "What can I do?" he shrugs at her in Russian. The Frat Boys are still in their cab, hoping for a comeback, while Toni|Dallas and Ken|Tina are jogging through a very large park. "One of those Andrew and Dan days," Andrew says. "We've had them every leg," Dan reminds him. He's got a point.

Toni|Dallas and Ken|Tina race separately through the park, until Toni and Dallas find Phil standing next to not one but three greeters, lovely young women in traditional garb. "Welcome to Moscow," says a blonde. She seems pretty happy to see Dallas, even if the flour on his face makes him look like the world's most athletic Goth. Phil teases Toni and Dallas a bit, and they actually have to ask him to say they're team number one before he confirms it. Finally, after nine legs, somebody besides the Siblings or Ken|Tina has won one. Their prize is a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. Toni says she's proud of Dallas. "Mother and son, team number one," Phil remarks. Phil, now is not the time to take up rapping.

Ken and Tina are also glad to hear they're team number two. Ken interviews that they didn't like each other much at the beginning of the race, but it's gotten better. I'm right there with them on that.

Starr continues to be a total stress-monkey in the back of he cab, to the point where Nick tells her, "Crying and freaking out's not going to help." Doesn't stop her from doing it. In fact she seems determined to prove otherwise. Dan and Andrew seem to be drawing close, and Starr's so impatient that she wants their driver to stop and let them out before they even get to the right gate, which Nick calmly vetoes. The driver seems disappointed not to be quit of her. They de-cab a minute later, with Nick's apologies to the driver.

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