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That Is Studly

Nick delivers his last flour sack. "Thank you so much. Happy baking," he says politely to the baker. Then it's off to look for a taxi, where they immediately run into problems. Apparently there's not a lot of taxi traffic on this street. Is a bad taxi driver worse than no taxi driver? They're about to find out.

The Frat Boys (and I can't believe we got this far into the season without me making the Freudian typo "Fart Boys" -- until now) arrive at the bakery after Nick and Starr are gone, and make a point of having their driver wait. After the march fiasco, Dan seems eager to redeem himself by doing the Road Block. "Just give me caveman tasks. I can do those all day." You don't want to do them all day, dude, you want to do them quickly. The two lead teams are still riding through the city, although they might be drawing close to the park. They can smell the fun!

Starr's desperation to secure a taxi prompts Nick to scold, "You can't jump in front of the car!" He VOs about her "aggressive style," and her weakness of not thinking things through. Starr in turn interviews that Nick is "calm, cool, and collected," whereas she wants to get there now, and first. Unlike Nick.

Dan is staying positive about hauling the bags, calling it a great workout. "This has gotta be the quickest anyone's done it," he congratulates himself as he moves the bags. One at a time.

Nick and Starr have walked all the way to a much busier commercial street, wandering around in traffic looking for a cab. They're going to wind up with one on top of them if they aren't more careful. I do like how their cameraman is wisely shooting them from the safety of the sidewalk.

"Look at that stud," Andrew says, totally buying Dan's act. "That is studly." In an interview, Andrew calls Dan a "warrior" (albeit one who can't march, which you'd think would be a vital skill for a warrior), and talks about how he made genius moves like, oh, shifting the weight he was carrying. Dan repeats that he's good at "simple, Neanderthal caveman tasks." Specifically pre homo erectus. Dan is up to 40 bags at this point.

Nick and Starr are now in such a panic to find a taxi that they're walking right past actual taxis. They're off the main road, and decide to head back. By now, Dan is finished. At last, Nick and Starr secure a taxi, although this could have happened well before we see Dan asking their long-suffering driver where they're going. "I'm so glad we kept our cab," Andrew says as they head out. Their cab driver won't be.

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