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Rotten to the Corsica

Here comes Nuance to the Detour clue. They choose the climb. After Jonathan berates Victoria for a while as "useless," they initially decide to make a go at the climbing. But over at the climb, as they're getting their gear on, Jonathan starts to complain that he doesn't want to do it after all. "Come on," he snaps. "I'm not gonna do something I can't do." He throws down the climbing gear, and they take off for the boats. Seriously? Couldn't care less. I zone out every time they're on the screen. Kris and Jon show up and choose the climbing, to no one's surprise. Spazpants reaches the boats, and they put Victoria in the boat and Jonathan in the raft. Almost immediately, Victoria begins to bellyache. "There are no buoys out here," she whines. "I don't see anything for miles!"

The little Hornio plane lands, and they get in a convertible and head for the pit stop. Before long, they get there, and there is Phil, with the greeter. They hit the mat -- pow! Welcome to Corsica, Hornio, you are team number one. And they win a Caribbean vacation. Yeah, that'll be a good time. Rebecca voices over that El Hornio "is just starting to tap into what he's capable of." Aw. A classic line, spoken by so many people somewhere during the development of a doomed relationship.

Hayden and Aaron are still driving. She complains about the guy in front of her, expressing her desire to drive into him, and Aaron spits, "Hayden, control your road rage." Yeah. These people are getting on each other's nerves.

Freddy is the first to head up the wall on his ascender, and Bolo is just about with him. Kris soon joins in. None of them takes to the ascender, particularly, except for Freddy, who does all right and is the first to the top. Bolo sort of hangs on the wall. He appears, among other things, to likely have the world's most intimidating wedgie. As Kendra watches everyone on the wall, she says she'll have to "pull out some G.I. Jane." Not exactly convincing as the military type. But she does start gamely up the wall. Bolo tries to hobble up as Lori tells him to use his arms to pull up. He interviews that it was embarrassing to be heading up the wall when "all the girls [were] passing [him]." Yeah, girls. Giiiiirls. That is embarrassing. Bolo does manage to get himself up the wall ahead of Kris and Kendra, so he doesn't have to kill himself to save the honor of his family or anything.

Detour boat. Spazpants. Victoria points out into the water and demands to know whether what she's seeing is a buoy. She stops at a little flag in the water and orders Jonathan to hop off the raft and check it. "Pull it, pull it, pull it!" she shrieks as he dives into the water. He surfaces. "It's not a clue, babe!" he hollers. Did he just call her "babe" while angry? That is very unlike him. She yells back that "there are no buoys anywhere in here!" He asks why, then, she made him get off the raft, and she says she thought it might have been one. Jonathan bobs in the water, but sadly, it seems clear that he will probably not drown.

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