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Rotten to the Corsica

Nuance drives into the pit stop town. They get directions. Next thing you know, they are running up to the pit stop mat, located indeed on an awfully beautiful overlook surrounded by insanely blue water. Welcome, Nuance, you are team number two. They cheer. They smooch. That's nice.

At the Roadblock, Spazpants is still stuck. "You're doing something strange! What are you doing?" Victoria demands to know. Jonathan, supposed to accomplish the Roadblock stomping with feet only, is clearly using his hands inside the barrel to move the grapes. Penalty, please? Is this asshole completely immune from every rule just because it might mean he couldn't screech at his idiot wife anymore and we'd be reduced to watching people who are a little decent? Booooo.

In the Hayden and Aaron car, she doesn't understand why he doesn't seem to care how they're doing. She keeps yapping and yapping, and then she ultimately pulls over and makes him drive. Gee, I wonder why he's not invested in the team. "You drive; I'm not driving," she snots. And I have to say, she has so figured out the way to make boys love her. They love that. Love that.

Victoria is still yelling at Jonathan in her screechy voice.

Hayden tries a half-assed apology, claiming that she's upset about how things have been going for them. "So I'm...sorry," she says. Aaron is no fool, and understands that this is the kind of apology that is most upsetting, because they've clearly been here before, and he's thinking that if you want to show your remorse, you could stop doing whatever he just asked you to stop doing. He tells her that he isn't into an apology, he just wants her to quit it. "You don't have to take my apology, but I've been relatively calm this entire leg," she says. So it's the "I didn't really do anything wrong" kind of apology. And it doesn't get much emptier than that.

Jonathan and Victoria finish the bottles. She gripes that it's "over for [them] anyways." Yawn. In their car, he complains that they "deserve to lose" because they don't know how to work as a team. It's so far past ironic and so far into stupid that I can't be bothered to comment.

Hayden and Aaron hit the Roadblock, and he does it. She can't even stomp grapes? What does she do, exactly?

Kris and Jon and Lori and Bolo get to the pit stop area in their cars at the same time, and both teams prepare to race to the mat.

Aaron gets his glass of juice, says "merci," and drinks it. They are "Currently in Last Place" as they head for the pit stop.

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