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Nuance is first to arrive at the vineyard where the next clue is located, and to no one's surprise, it's a Roadblock. Phil gives the lowdown, including the reminder that no one can do more than six Roadblocks in the race, a factor that's going to start coming into play a little more seriously in the next couple of legs here. In this Roadblock, a team member has to stomp a barrel of grapes, as Phil puts it, "with only their feet." The juice will run out of a little funnel on the side of the barrel, and the Roadblocker has to bend down and switch out five wine bottles as they fill up with juice one at a time. When all the bottles are full, they'll have to drink a glass of the juice, and then they can leave. Kendra takes the Roadblock and runs down a row of grapes to the guy guarding the barrels of grapes. She sets up the first bottle, Freddy says, "Stomp away, baby," and she climbs up and over. As she jumps up and down as fast as she possibly can in her little black tank top, it becomes obvious that one of the selling points for this particular Roadblock was probably the potential for the women to shake their boobs. It's the same reason they have so often considered "Braless Jog" as a Roadblock.

Back at the rappel, Aaron assures us that while Hayden had a freak-out at the top of the rappel, he's sure she'll pull it together. We see that she is indeed making it to the bottom of the wall, so that's good, at least.

Kendra changes to her second wine bottle as Freddy effusively praises her, and then she climbs back in the barrel to continue stomping. She's thinking about all the sucky people in the world who are busy breeding right now. It's giving her inspiration. STOMP!

Spazpants and Kris and Jon are approaching the Roadblock in their cars.

Aaron completes the rappel as Hayden nags, "Go, baby." Yeah, you could choose to take it as "rooting," but I'm not sure she's earned the benefit of the doubt. In the car, she complains about the way they've been "lollygagging." "When I'm not high-paced and aggressive," she says, "we suck." Well, honestly. His refusal to admit that her shitty behavior constantly benefits him is just so fucking selfish. Men! Hayden asks Aaron where she's supposed to go, and he says, "I have not a clue," to which she snaps, "How do you not know?" "You are such a...," he starts to say. "No! I'm not a bitch!" she says back. Actually, you are being a bitch, and you make it harder for the rest of us when you refuse to admit it, HAYDEN. Because if you weren't being one, you wouldn't know what word he was reaching for, would you? "Aaron, you need to do something; I'm going to hyperventilate," she snaps. I can think of a few things he could do. Oh, she means for her.

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