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According to tradition, odd-numbered TARcons are for dressing up, and even-numbered ones are for dressing down. I have no idea why this is, but I no longer fight it, because it has worked for me so far, and in this case, it meant I did not have to wear heels. And not wearing heels means I don't step on anyone's feet, embarrass myself by walking around barefoot, catch any foot diseases from the sticky floor, or complain bitterly on my way out of the party about how it feels like my toes are falling off. All in all, a successful trip out in my comfortable boots. What, you thought the recap wasn't going to start with what shoes I had on?


I boo when Freddy and Kendra win. And when Aaron proposes. And when the train comes. And when Kendra blows kisses. It is a high-in-booing sort of finale.


Aaron is tall and pretty, and his hair is longer than on TV. Like most guys I meet at these things, he isn't really fully done justice by television. When I see him, Hayden isn't with him, and I don't even realize that she's around somewhere. Might be just as well. Either I tell him who I am or somebody else does, and he looks over with a little chin-jut, not exactly friendly and not exactly unfriendly, and he says, "Oh, I know who you are. I saw your picture at Chip and Kim's site." While someone takes our picture, I cleverly inform him that he is tall, which is this year's "I carried a watermelon." Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!


Before the show starts, I get on the phone with Samantha, who is fourteen (I think), and a fan of the show and the recaps. I explain to her who I am and where I am, and she literally screams. One like that can make up for a lot of snitty emails, people, I will tell you that.


I share my table with Zron and JudyZ, the pseudostudents (everybody wants to see the ring, show me the ring, I want to see the ring, can I see the ring?), M. Darcy, and, of course, the Couch Baron. It occurs to me that I have known some of these people for nearly three years. For a total of, you know, ten hours or whatever. These parties are not quite the unending blasts of insanity for me that they used to be. I'm settled into it now, and I generally track down the people I most want to see, try to remember a few interesting things people say to me, and meet a couple of new people each time. I still get that "I want to go stand against a wall and have no one talk to me" feeling off and on, but at least I don't feel completely ill-equipped to deal with the situation. And I always love the part where I take everything out of the goody bag. I'm the same way on Christmas with my stocking.


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